Say No To High Heels When Driving

Driving experts would like to place a ban on females that like to wear high heel shoes whilst driving. A charity for motoring safety “Brake” is arguing for a ban on platforms, wedges and stilettos. I’m wondering just how this will go down on lessons with female students around Newbury?

The charity declared the fad of wearing the highest of high heels may lead to serious road accidents and advised female drivers to stop the absurdity. There is concern that a handful of women motorists have such little regard for their lives and the lives of other motorists. Driving a vehicle is one area that should be taken very seriously.

Recent market research found out that about 35 Percent of ladies drive in high heels. Furthermore, it found out that approximately 40 Percent of women drivers drive whist they wear flip flops and about 23 Percent preferring bare feet. 13% revealed that they’re feel comfortable to drive in their house slippers and only 30% revealed that they drive in prudent footwear.

It is not just women who need to consider their footwear. 24% of male motorists are happy to drive a car in bear feet, 8 Percent in slippers and 28 Percent of them drive in flip flops. Fantastic news though is the fact that 58 Percent report that they generally don practical shoes or trainers.

It is encouraged that you always should keep a pair of sensible shoes in the car at all times. If you won’t dress in a certain sort of shoe for the driving test you then shouldn’t wear them for your daily driving.

Much more astounding is 8 Percent of women drivers drive whilst they apply their make-up and 15 Percent of men shave while driving a car. It is easy to treat your car as the rest room but bear in mind it takes merely a momentary lapse of concentration for an accident to occur.

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