Pupil Reviews 2022

Below are some of our many testimonials from pupils who took driving lessons and passed their driving tests in 2022. The testimonials below are the pupils own words and we would like to thank them for their kind support.

Cameron Milne - Manual
"Peter Skelton was a great instructor, he encouraged me to develop my own techniques in regards to manoeuvres and just helped me build my confidence in general, 10/10, I would recommend him to anyone."
Beliz Bahar - Automatic
"Tomasz was a great instructor, he was more coaching then teaching. He is very respectful, always on time and has full focused lessons, he is also very patient and he tried alternative approaches to help and customize the tactics to your thinking.
If you really want to learn driving safely you can definetly trust him.
Thank you Tomasz

Arun Raghav - Manual
"I don’t have words that can describe and pay gratitude to my fantastic instructor Peter (Skelton). He is absolutely professional, patient and ensures to fine-tune your areas of weaknesses. I have been lucky to have him as my instructor and thankful to him for transforming me into a confident driver on the road. A massive thank you Peter for everything."
Mona Hasan - Automatic
"Tomasz is an excellent instructor. It was an absolute pleasure to have been taught by him. He incredibly manage to ease my stress while driving, he was very patient with me and always boost myself confidence. I cannot thank him enough. Would greatly recommend.
Mona Hs."

Izzy Stanley - Automatic
"Tomasz was a brilliant instructor, very patient and calm, thank you for everything!"
Sam Ballard - Manual
"Peter (Skelton) thank you so much for all your help and for fitting me in for lessons and a test last minute! Your flexibility on times really helped and saved me so much hassle. If a mate of mine needed lessons in Newbury I know who I would recommend"
Hester Berger - Manual
"Louise has been super helpful all through my driving lessons & has always been really patient as well which has really helped a lot! I passed my test first time thanks to all her help & would absolutely recommend her to any of my friends and family who want to learn to drive too. Thank you so much!"
Wendy Rabbiosi - Manual
"Woo Hoo!!!
I'm ecstatic to have passed my driving test with zero minors, this morning.
Thank you, my awesome driving instructor, Peter Skelton for all your brilliant tutoring and guidance. Your dedication and commitment is huge testimony to my 💯% success.
Feeling so privileged to have had you as my instructor?
Thank you for all your help.
Wendy "

Ella Mead - Manual
"Louise was a really genuine and sweet person, can have a good chat and a laugh whilst also teaching you loads. Really appreciate the help she has given with her great teaching skills."
Liz Lowe - Automatic
"If you’re looking for a driving school, you can’t do better than this one.

I started out as a very anxious student who didn’t really believe I would ever get to the point of taking the test. Imagine then my joy when I passed first time with no minors!

Tomasz was my instructor and he not only taught me the practicalities but how to overcome my fear and be confident on the roads. He was very patient and kind."

Annabel Taylor - Manual
"Passed first time! Peter (Skelton) has been a brilliant instructor and has helped me get to grips with driving whilst being very patient."
Ryan Sutton - Manual
"All I can say is thank you very much, it really helped going over any situation I had on my lessonsand just practiced them, I would highly recommend Pete (Burke) to anyone trying to pass"
Isabella Giddins - Automatic
"Thank you so much, Tomasz has been amazing, kind and patient. Be aware that he is a bit a jester, but overall it has been a real pleasure; he is so helpful and made me feel so confident in my driving."
Harvey Miller - Manual
helped me to control my anxiety and focus on passing my driving test,
would definitely recommend


Rory Baker - Manual
"Thank you so much Peter (Skelton) for your help this morning. It really was brilliant and Rory passed with only one minor, going to slowly on a national speed limit Road! We are so delighted. Best wishes, Mary and Rory"
Trystan Moore - Manual
"Thank you Peter (Skelton) for helping me pass my driving test. Wanted to say thank you for the extremely useful lessons you gave me"
Remus Ciobanu - Manual
"My name is Remus, I have just passed my test today, with the help of Peter (Skelton), always besides me, after some hard and stupid errors throughout my mock exams today I managed to pass without any mistakes at all, 0 faults. Thank you very much, Peter."
Talhar Izhar - Manual
"I had the pleasure to get lessons from Pete for a test in Newbury that i got hold of due to a last minute cancellation.

I was new to Newbury and Pete covered every thing in short sessions. He helped me to identify and fix quite a few major issues that helped me pass the test very next day.

I would highly recommend Pete (Burke) for both experienced overseas drivers like myself and young learners."

Alexandra Hartley - Manual
"Peter (Skelton) is such an amazing driving instructor who is calm and patient while also pushing you to improve at the same time. I know without Peter that I wouldn’t have been able to pass my test first time, and I am beyond grateful. I would, without a doubt, recommend learning to drive with Peter!"
Thomas Money - Manual
"Feeling great passing my test first time. Big thanks Peter (Burke), you have been a great teacher. And would recommend you to all my friends and family."
Sarah Frost - Manual
"Thank you thank you thank you! ........my review......
'Highly recommend Pete Burke as a driving instructor, so patient and will go above and beyond to think of ways to help you through any issues you may be having!
As a learner with anxiety he was really patient, kind and would go over things as many times as I needed until I could get to grips with my learning! Thank you for all your patience and for helping me become a confident driver!"

Nico Hardy - Manual
"This was my first test, I felt confident that I would pass even after only a handful of lessons with Peter. Although tough at times, Peter Skelton drills in everything you need to know about passing your test. He does this very well by not shouting or getting angry, and keeping calm at all times. Definitely recommend."
Cameron McGivern - Manual
"Pete (Burke) was very polite and patient with me, I already knew the basics but learning with him took me to a highly safe standard of driving. 10/10 experience wouldn't recommend anyone else if I had to learn again. Thanks Pete"
Amelia Myers - Manual
"An excellent driving instructor (Pete Burke)! Helped me when I needed it. Couldn't recommend him enough. Really good instructor for nervous drivers. I wouldn't of got my driving licence without him."
Chris Foster - Manual
"Had Peter (Skelton) as my instructor and I was lucky enough to get a test cancellation within the month. I had intensive lessons and felt very confident and ready to sit the test despite only having had the odd lesson before the intensive lessons! Peter is very calm and made sure I was a confident and safe driver- he prepared me for driving after the test and not just to pass the test. So pleased to have passed first time, thanks Peter! "
Kiki Moseley - Manual
"Extremely relieved, super happy passing for the first time!! So grateful for such an amazing driving instructor (peter skelton)! Couldn't be happier with how my test went. "
Mati Jaczewski - Automatic
"I would like to say thank you to Mr Pete Burke for being an amazing instructor, who believed in me and gave me the confidence to pass my test.
Mateusz Jaczewski"

Ankit Baijal - Manual
"Thank you Peter (Skelton). I am very blessed to have you as my Driving instructor, after all your guidance and instructions I am very confident.without you it's not possible for me to pass the driving test.

Sam Turner - Manual
"Peter (Skelton) could not have been better for me as a driving instructor. I passed first time and could not have done it without his help. He was incredibly accommodating with lesson times and the lessons we did were always useful."
Climov Maria - Automatic
"Thank you to Muba for his support. I was exceptionally nervous when I started but I felt comfortable from our first lesson. I didn’t think I’d be able to pass first time and wouldn’t have been able to do it without him!"
Abi Rogers- Manual
"Passed first time with only one minor! Pete Burke has been so patient, understanding and just a great teacher, I cannot thank him enough! I really would recommend, very happy with my result"
Anesa Shah - Manual
"Pete Burke - I have nothing but positive things to say about my lessons with Pete. Your patience, hard work and efforts got me the result I needed today, thank you very much!"
Benjamin Duodu - Automatic
"A big thanks you to Mr Tomasz, he is very patient, understanding, professional and good motivator. He makes jokes to make you feel relaxed. Very friendly and good listener. He will not only teach you to pass your driving test but to be a good driver. So I will recommend him to anyone who want to learn how to drive safely....... 🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝"
Martha Afriyie - Automatic
"I have been taking lesson for 2 years before coming to Muba. When the lessons started, I was surprised at the number of things I had not been taught previously. Not only did Muba help me to pass but he has taught me to drive safely and confidently. Thank you so much!"
Barney Fox - Manual
"I had Peter (Skelton) teach me. I passed first time after about 1 month of lessons with him. Brilliant teacher and was calm, patient and pushed me well to be able to pass in such a short time would defiantly recommend."
Veera Venkata Leela Suresh Kumar Nuni - Automatic
"Muba is an amazing and great instructor with lots of patience and professionalism. When I started with him, I am with messed up knowledge on driving but he helped me out of it and guided me through right way all around the course very well with various practical methods and examples. His constant encouragement and explanation, developed my driving skills and confidence. It’s was my pleasure learning to drive with Muba. I would recommend 200% to everyone who would start their lessons or struggling to get through practical driving test."
Ilker Karan - Automatic
"Muba is an excellent instructor ! He prepared me me with all the skills I needed to pass. I was very lucky to have him as my instructor. I am now very confident on the road and enjoy driving! Thank you Muba !!"
Youssef Awad - Automatic
"I am Youssef Awad. I trained well with Mubarak and he was very helpful and gave me excellent advice and made me feel comfortable and safe while driving. I did the test today with ease because I was confident in my coach Mubarak. I am confident in myself too. Special thanks to my coaches Mubarak. Thank you, Skelton School."
Kar Ho- Automatic
"Muba is an excellent instructor, his teaching is very clear and he pushes and challenges you to make sure you understand all concepts. I was able to pass first time."
Paula Butrynska - Automatic
"Muba is a very good instructor and I really enjoyed my lessons with him. He was always positive and encouraging but also knew when to be tough. He explained everything clearly and helped me pass my test first time! Thanks for all your hard work Muba!"
Louis Favede - Manuel
"Learning with Peter Skelton has been a great experience, I feel confident in my driving and comfortable in the car with him. He drops everything to support you and is very understanding. I would strongly recommend to anyone looking for driving lessons!"
Anitha Govindasam - Manual
"A very big thank you to my exceptional instructor Mr.Pete Burke for helping me pass the driving test in first attempt and be a safe driver!! He is very supportive, understanding, professional and guides in right direction.. Great lessons and learning!"
Simon Samuels - Manual
"Today I passed my driving test first time with my instructor Peter Skelton.
Peter is a fantastic instructor who makes everything really simple for a non driver Excellent instructor, he is very supportive but also very honesty as what needs to be worked on.
Despite having an earlier than expected test date which was booked by an automatic system Peter went above and beyond to help me remain calm and be confident for my test! Very accommodating instructor can't recommend enough"

Calestru Olga - Automatic
"Yesterday I’ve passed my exam today 08.03.2022 and I’m very happy. I want to say a very big thank you for my great driving instructor Muba. He is very professional, very knowledgeable and also very supportive. I will definitely recommend him for anyone who is interested in having driving lessons and passing their driving exam.

Aidan Mucklejohn - Automatic
"After stopping driving lessons for a few years, I decided to try again. My instructor, Muba, was friendly and taught me well. I looked forward to each lesson and the good humoured and professional way in which he taught me the necessary skills. He went the extra mile, letting other learners sit in the back of the car. This gave me the experience of being observed by someone I didn't know as well as benefiting the observer."
Maddie Day - Manual
"Passed my test first time with 2 minors thanks to Peter (Skelton) for teaching me!!!"
Olivia Hall Manual
"Passed my driving test first time today! Peter (Skelton) was so supportive and gave me all the help I needed! Couldn't have asked for a better instructor !"
Emily Story - Manual
"Louise was so patient and kind, she made me feel comfortable and at ease, I couldn't have passed my test without her help and I can't thank her enough for all her help! I have recommended her to friends and family who are looking to learn to drive, and will recommend to everyone! "
Alethea Ings-Chambers - Manual
"Passed my test today with the help of Peter Skelton! His methods of teaching meant I felt confident to drive safely and will definitely be recommending him to all my friends!"
Harry Aufiero - Manual
"Hi Peter,
Well I'm proud to say that Harry passed his test today!! Thank you very very much for your expert tuition and help once again!! See you in 5 years for younger sister🤣🤣 (from Harry's mum)"

Katarzyna Machelska - Automatic
"Really enjoyed my lessons with Tomasz. He was instrumental when it came to explaining the basics. I had zero previous driving experience so we had to start from the scratch. The fact that I passed 1st time speaks for itself. Thank you Tomasz."
Conor Gordon - Manual
"I was urgently wanting to get driving due to work and engaged with another driving company who caused me great issues and a considerable amount of money. I was then able to secure Peter's (Skelton) expertise who was fantastic. He got me into a position of being able to drive confidently and safe, if this was not amazing enough we were able to secure a driving test today (26th of jan) and due to Peter being one of the best in the country I PASSED first time, now that is unreal that I was able to start with Peter in December 2021 and today I hold a full UK driving licence I can't thank Peter enough for all the help he has provided me, he is brilliant that's all I can say and is worth every penny."
Gifty Mensah - Automatic
"Thank you (Tomasz) for posing lots of confidence in me, thank you for making me believe in myself. Its very refreshing passing my test in a first attempt. Gifty"
Melih Serefoglu - Automatic
"Muba is a dedicated instructor and loves to teach people how to drive. He really assessed me well and kept pressing on the parts that I was not good at or missing during our lessons. And he is not letting you off till you learn them before the exam. The way he approached me during the lessons was very good and balanced. I took the driving exam twice (the first one failed because of my carelessness), and for both, the way the exam went was exaclty the way he told me before. Actually, I can say that I passed my second exam with the help of one of his rules 😊"
Mary Soper - Automatic
"A big thank you to my instructor Tomasz, he is very patient, understanding, professional and a good motivator. He keeps you focussed on your goals and helps you achieve them."
Aktug Mukurluoglu - Automatic
"Thanks Tomasz for helping me to pass my exam in first attempt. Tomasz come with great recommendations from my friends and always been up to those recommendations."
Hemmily Nunes dos Santos - Manual
"Passed my test in first attempt thanks to Steve an amazing teacher, mirror signal manoeuvre can still hear him saying it haha, he’s very calm and definitely built up my confidence, thank you again 😊"
Deniz Mukurluoglu - Automatic
"Passed my exam on first attempt thanks to Tomasz. He was very calm, professional and built my confidence for exam."
Harvey Merchant - Automatic
"A great very understanding with my anxiety's. Very much recommend (Tomasz)."
Mabel Goggins - Manual
"Peter (Skelton) has taught both my son and daughter to drive. My daughter has just passed her test and is over the moon. Peter did a great job of teaching them both. They were very different in their abilities, my son had a lot of practice before having lessons and only needed 6 hours of lessons before he passed. My daughter was completely new behind the wheel and needed more time and lessons but Peter’s patience and great teaching meant that she passed as soon as possible.