Motorway Driving Lessons

Motorway Driving Lessons are something that many pupils ask for either during lessons are after their driving test. Since 4th June 2018 learner drivers have been allowed to drive on the motorway as long as it is with a fully qualified driving instructor in a dual controlled car.

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Motorway Driving Lessons

Now that pupils can drive on motorways as learners then we can incorporate motorway driving on lessons before the pupil goes to test. However pupils never go on motorways as part of the driving test. As a result we normally leave it up to the pupil as to whether they wish to do those lessons before or after they pass their driving test.

There are a number of differences between motorway driving and driving on a dual carriageway. However most of the differences are small. We would normally introduce our customers to dual carriageways first and master the skills necessary to deal with those roads. Once they feel comfortable we can then progress to motorways.

Not only would you get a feel of motorway driving but we would also look at; preparing for a long journey, overtaking, tiredness, what to do in the event of a breakdown and many more topics. Lessons will be taken at your own pace so that you feel totally in control of the learning.

Possibly the biggest difference is that dual carriageways normally have two lanes and motorways normally have 3 lanes which can make changing lanes on a motorway a little bit more tricky. However the slip roads on dual carriageways can sometimes be very short whereas on motorways they legally have to be at least a quarter of a mile long. So joining a motorway is often much easier.

Above you can see a photograph of a few Newbury instructors, including myself, and their pupils who decided to go out at midnight on the eve of 4th June 2018 to be some of the first instructors and learners to drive on the motorway in the UK. We set off at Chieveley services and joined the M4.


“I’ve passed my exam on my first attempt thanks to Peter Skelton and especially my instructor Tomasz. I’d like to thank you for all your efforts and great lessons.”

Baris Mancar – Newbury – Automatic

“I’m so thankful for Pete (Burke) being my instructor. He’s so calm and patient and it’s thanks to him that I passed my driving test first time with 1 minor.”

Holly Gillingham – Newbury – Manual

“Peter (Skelton) was amazing, thank you so much! I passed first time and I’ve never been happier, the best!”

Brooke Harmerston-Shepherd – Newbury – Manual

“I learned to drive with Peter Skelton Driving, and Louise was my driving instructor, Louise is a lovely teacher, she was always really friendly and patient.”

Charlotte Taylor – Thatcham – Manual

Why our customers choose Peter Skelton Driving School