Augmented Reality Heads-Up Displays

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Car manufacturers have teased and hinted at Augmented Reality Heads-Up Displays (AR-HUD) since as early as 1965, when GM were drawing up the Mako Shark II. But this computer-age technology has existed since the Second World War. The de Havilland Mosquito’s radar information was projected for the pilot onto a piece of glass in front […]

Puncture Proof Tyres

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When I worked in the car leasing industry one of the main issues that saw people lose their deposits upon vehicle-return were damaged tyres, often having nails or random road debris embedded in the rubber. This was the bane of many driving instructors, as a lot of business was devoted to leasing dual-control cars. According […]

Manual or Automatic – Which is Better

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There is an issue in the driving world that is so taboo, so illicit and fraught with controversy that by merely posing the following question I might face immediate arrest and be marched straight to the gulag. The question is… which is better, Manual or Automatic? It is such a moral quandary because there are […]

Avoiding Accidents in Newbury

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According to RoSPA’s (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) website, in 2018 the UK saw 186 deaths due to drivers exceeding the speed limit, with thousands more seriously injured for the same reason. Speed can kill.   You might expect that most fatalities would take place on roads where the speed limit is […]

Clean Driving School Car

Clean Cars on Driving Lessons Basingstoke

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Peter Skelton Driving School always takes pride in the services we provide to our customers. That reflects in how we teach, how we present ourselves in a professional manner, our pass rate and also the cleanliness of our cars.   The car is our office and it reflects us so much as a driving school. […]

first day back after lockdown

Driving Lessons After Christmas Lockdown


So Peter Skelton Driving School are finally back after a long lockdown over the 2020 Christmas. Now into 2021, driving lessons resumed on 12th April. It has been a long wait but worth it. We have been joined by a new instructor Muba Eminovs based in Newbury who will be joining Tomasz Muryn in teaching […]

Winner Driving Instructor of The Year 2021

Top 3 Driving Instructor of The Year 2021


Following on from finding out that I had made it to the top 100 in the UK, I have now found out that I am the “winner” of “National Driving Instructor in The South East” of the UK. Not only that I was “Highly Commended” (which means Top 3) in the UK. When the results […]

Intelligent Instructor Awards

Top 100 Best Driving Instructor of The Year 2021


So here we are still in lockdown, unable to work for the past 3 months here in Newbury and the surrounding areas. This lockdown will look like it’s not going to end to soon either. Yet the “Intelligent Instructor” awards for “The Best Instructor of The Year 2021” has still taken place. I’m so excited […]