Pupil Reviews 2020

Below are some of our many testimonials from pupils who took driving lessons and passed their driving tests in 2020. The testimonials below are the pupils own words and we would like to thank them for their kind support.

Brooke Harmerston-ShepherdBrooke Harmerston-Shepherd - Newbury

"Peter (Skelton) was amazing, thank you so much! I passed first time and i've never been happier, the best!"
Charlotte TaylorCharlotte Taylor - Thatcham

"I learned to drive with Peter Skelton Driving, and Louise was my driving instructor, Louise is a lovely teacher, she was always really friendly and patient. She really helped me to become more confident when driving, and helped me to practice the things I struggled with, until I felt happy and confident with them, so that I passed my test first time!😊"
Holly GillinghamHolly Gillingham - Newbury

"I'm so thankful for Pete (Burke) being my instructor. He's so calm and patient and it's thanks to him that I passed my driving test first time with 1 minor. I couldn't recommend him enough!"
Baris MancarBaris Mancar - Newbury

"I've passed my exam on my first attempt thanks to Peter Skelton and especially my instructor Tomasz. I'd like to thank you for all your efforts and great lessons. Thank you very much!"
Claudia WagnerClaudia Wagner - Thatcham

"I found that Peter (Skelton) has really helped me with my confidence while driving, and I've found that my anxiety while driving has been almost non-existent while learning with him! Great instructor"
Elise ElliotElise Elliot - Thatcham

"Thankyou so much for all your help I wouldn't have passed without you (Pete Burke)! you're amazing!!!"
Zoe HealeyZoe Healey - Beadon

"Passed my test in Basingstoke with Peter (Skelton) as my instructor, he was very calm, professional and helped me increase my confidence behind the wheel."
Kieran GergoKieran Gergo - Thatcham

"Thank you so much Pete (Burke). We didn't have a lot of time but we smashed it!"
Jemima HarrisonJemima Harrison - Cold Ash

"Thank you Peter for being a great instructor and always explaining everything very simply and clearly. Thanks to your teaching I can now drive confidently and safely and I passed first time with NO minors!!"
Amber MorrisonAmber Morrison - Bucklebury

"Peter has been an excellent teacher - he is really motivational, and has improved my confidence as a young driver new to the roads. His lessons are coherent, and I always come away feeling like I have learnt something new - even if I think I know everything about something! Would 100% recommend as an instructor - such a genuine and warm character. "
Monika HolmesMonika Holmes - Thatcham

"Highly recommend! “Pete (Burke) is an amazing driving instructor! He supported me patiently from being an absolute beginner , to feeling confident on the roads and passing my test FIRST TIME!

His very calm, easy - going demeanour has helped me to focus and be the driver that I am today.

Again, thank you Pete (Burke) for being there , believing in me even when I doubted myself. I wouldn’t have done it without you! Monika"
Elina KruminaElina Krumina - Newbury

"Many of my friends had passed with Peter Skelton’s driving school with flying colours and I knew I wanted to learn from the best. Before my first lesson I did not realise that I will be learning with Peter himself so when I saw him leaving his car I was totally starstruck and I have felt the same throughout our journey!

I started to learn driving later in life and before I started I genuinely thought I won’t be able to learn and had so many thoughts like ‘I am not made for it’, ‘my time has passed’ etc.

It has been few months since I passed and I still can’t believe I ACTUALLY learned to drive safely and confidently. Peter’s teaching is clever and methodical, tailored to you and your abilities; he is calm, always finds time for a good laugh and has plenty of tips and tricks to keep you calm and focused on driving. Peter teaches you not only to pass your driving test but also prepares you for a ‘real world driving’ which I appreciate now EVERY DAY.

Can’t recommend Peter Skelton’s driving school enough!"
Alex GardinerAlex Gardiner - Newbury

"Lessons were very clear and easy to follow. Useful ways to remember the basic rules which are all you really need to do well! Thank you very much"
Jaz JocelynJaz Jocelyn - Ecchinswell

"After having lessons with PeterI passed my test first time. I really wasn't confident driving and I used to get quite stressed if I made a mistake but Peter is always calm and makes me feel at ease when I'm driving. He teaches all the manoeuvres in a clear and simple way. I've really enjoyed having lessons with him."
Sacha Danon-KerrSacha Danon-Kerr - Newbury

"Peter was excellent and efficient in getting me a first time pass, can’t thank him enough!"
Edward DayEdward Day - Newbury

"I'm very happy with my learning experience with both Louise and Peter. I always felt comfortable and safe in my lessons. I would definitely recommend them both."
Franky TylerFranky Tyler - Newbury

"Peter made my learning experience very easy and has prepared me very well for driving on my own. I couldn’t have asked for a better school!"
John BatemanJohn Bateman - Newbury

"Peter has been a fantastic instructor and I passed my test first time! I cannot recommend him enough, he has really helped me with forming good habits and building confidence on the road!"
Shardai WilsonShardai Wilson - Newbury

"Pete (Burke) is an amazing instructor. He was always very patient and informative during our lessons and had me passed in no time. I can't recommend him enough. Thank you so much Pete!"
Amr and Aya ElbadrawyAmr and Aya Elbadrawy- Newbury

"Perfect experience, passed the exam from the first time and gained a lot of confidence Thanks Tomasz for your support and efforts."
Imogen RidleyImogen Ridley - Newbury

"Oh my God, I have just passed my driving test and thanks to Peter because I would have not done it without him. Feeling so happy. Now I can drive on my own."
Anna Van Der ZwaluwAnna Van Der Zwaluw - Newbury

"I’m so pleased to have passed my test first time after being taught by Peter, who was always so patient and calm, even when I made mistakes and had forgotten some things after resuming lessons post lockdown. I was quite nervous about driving but always knew I was in good hands having been taught lots of helpful techniques and went into my test feeling confident. Thankyou so much Peter, you’re so nice and a great teacher who’s really gone the extra mile with helping me to pass despite the pandemic. Thank you so much!!"
Liam BoyleLiam Boyle - Newbury

"I had a couple of refresher lessons after the lockdown as I had lost my confidence with driving and I can't recommend Peter Burke enough, he was calm and patient and has definitely helped me get my confidence back to get in the car."
Cheers mate, really enjoyed the lessons. "
Ryan FisherRyan Fisher - Newbury

"Just passed my driving test and absolutely thrilled! Thank you Peter Skelton for the excellent instruction and helping me to pass on the first try!"
Lucy Quesada-GetgoodLucy Quesada-Getgood - Wash Water

"Today I passed my driving test with ZERO minors. Had an amazing teacher. Highly recommend"
Rahul JainRahul Jain - Newbury

"I passed my driving test first attempt last week, and most of this I owe to my instructor, Tomasz Muryn, who showed such enthusiasm and positivity throughout my lessons, and always teaching me to properly drive not just pass the test.
He puts everything into getting the best results and you feel as though he is genuinely supporting you every step of the way.
He has a calm approach and is patient, professional and personable.
I would 100% recommend him to anyone wanting to learn.
Six stars, thank you so much!"
Lia CurtisLia Curtis - Newbury

"I thought I would never pass my driving test I had a real fear and block about the test! I learnt when I was 17 and then again now over 20 years later! I am so glad we found Peter Skelton... he has been so patient teaching me to drive and help me get over my insecurities and confidence issues and pass the test! He always had faith in my abilities and helped me learn from any mistakes I made! I ended up passing my 2nd test with No Minors! An amazing achievement 23 years in the making! This has given me so much independence and I cannot thank Peter enough!
Book your lessons now Peter Skelton is the best!"
Sophie CampbellSophie Campbell - Newbury

"Thank you so much! Passed first time with only 2 minors."
Scott ButlerScott Butler - Newbury

"My lessons were set at just the right pace to help me learn how to drive and pass my test. I thought the price was very reasonable for the level of teaching I received."
Megan BrownMegan Brown- Newbury

"I passed my test first time with no faults thanks to Pete Burke who made me such a calm confident driver! Thank you so much!"
Andreea BusuiocAndreea Busuioc - Newbury

"I’ve never seen myself a driver and when I felt that the moment for a driving licence is mandatory needed to have for work propose, I was really terrified. Starting the first driving lessons when I’ve felt I have my legs like “wood sticks”, my instructor Louise gave me lots of confidence that I can do this with no problems. She was very patient even when I was doing very dangerous mistakes. Besides the fact that she is a very good driver, she is also an excellent teacher with very good communication skills. I think I couldn’t have a better instructor who could match with my style. Louise encouraged me each time and helped me a lot to pass my emotions, thing which was very important for me to get use to drive by my own decisions. I still don’t believe that I passed the test at my first attempt and I’am very grateful to Louise for her hard work with me and I highly recommend her for future learners."
Neida CuniNeida Cuni - Newbury

"I had my lessons with Peter and passed first time. I have done lessons with other instuctors before but no one is like Peter.
Peter is an amazing instsructor, patient, polite and with a brilliant sense of humor.
You make the lessons so productive, enjoyable and what is the most important you helped me to drive with confidence.
Cannot recommend highly enough !!!
Thanks Peter, you’re the BEST !!!"
Sabrina RomainorSabrina Romainor - Newbury

"I’m thankful to have such an understanding and patient instructor like Tomasz. He is an excellent instructor who gave lots of tips and advice, explaining my doubts on the driving issues thoroughly and won’t let you end the lesson without fully understanding. Not only will be ensure that I am fully prepared for the test, he is also a great motivator throughout the driving obstacles I had. Thanks Tomasz and Peter Skelton for introducing him. I fully recommend lessons with him."
SubhashishSubhashish - Newbury

"I thought after 10 years of driving experience I would be a pro but soon my myth was broken and I couldn't think I would be able to drive in UK . But couple of classes with Peter (Burke) and I had the confidence back . I think he is very open with his feedback and his expertise as an instructor shows as you start driving with him . I cleared my test on 1st attempt and not only that I am very confident with my driving now . Thanks Peter"
Harry GunterHarry Gunter - Newbury

"working with Peter was easy and very very helpful!!! had a couple driving instructors before hand but better didn't compare 🤯 using small catchy saying to really drill in your head the major things u need to know. Honestly couldn't thank him enough. makes driving fun and easy where could you go wrong 🤷🏽‍♂️ HIGHLY RECOMMEND ‼️"
Matt TysoeMatt Tysoe - Newbury

"Pete is an amazing driving instructor who very patient and know exactly how to explain everything so I could understand, every driving lesson is friendly and doesn't feel wasted, amazing instructor!"
Kinga PiszczekKinga Piszczek - Newbury

"I highly recommend Pete (Burke), never thought someone can have so much patience. Very professional, experienced and friendly instructor,I'll be missing our lessons. Thank you Pete, once again. 5 stars!"
Halona AhmedHalona Ahmed - Newbury

"I successfully passed first time without any faults, the many hours of practice really paid off, all of the credit goes to Tomasz Muryn at Peter Skelton. He's a great instructor, he's very helpful and patient. I'll highly recommend Tomasz!"
Louise DresserLouise Dresser - Newbury

"Pete Burke is a fantastic, super supportive and patient instructor. Really chatty and friendly. Wouldn't have passed without him."
Melina HemchaouiMelina Hemchaoui - Newbury

"Louise was the best teacher, she was so so patient with me and professional throughout the whole process of teaching me how to drive. By far the BEST driving teacher I have ever had. Would not have been able to do it without her!"
Tom CarrollTom Carroll - Hermitage

"Peter has taught me a tremendous amount, I’ve learned so much through him and he helped me pass first time. I would highly recommend."

"Thank you for all your hard work and patience you put in with Tom, it’s very much appreciated. I was thrilled when he told me he had passed with 1 minor, absolutely fantastic. Thanks again"
Debbie Carroll (mum)
Divya ShahDivya Shah - Newbury

"Thank you, Tomasz for helping me to learn driving. I couldn’t thank him enough. Tomasz is the most supportive and amazing instructor who helped me when I struggled at times and gave me the best training and advice, he worked really hard with me, to teach me every little thing, he gave me many good instructions and techniques to help me drive safely and not just to pass. Tomasz made a nervous person, a confident driver now by his encouragement. I never thought I’d see the day I’d pass but with Tomasz’s help here I’m all passed. Thank you! I would recommend Tomasz and Peter Skelton Driving School."
Inisa SanghaInisa Sangha - Newbury

"Louise has been an amazing driving instructor! She is patient, friendly and explains everything thoroughly to ensure you are comfortable throughout the driving lesson. I would highly recommend her! Thank you so much for everything Louise, so glad I passed!"
Emma WoodrowEmma Woodrow - Newbury

"Peter has been a great instructor. I felt comfortable in my lessons and never felt judged when I made a silly mistake. He is patient and calm and he helped me to passed first time! Thanks Peter!"

"Peter has been a great instructor for our daughter. She felt comfortable in his lessons and never felt judged when she made a silly mistake. He is patient and calm and enabled her to pass first time. Thanks Peter!"
Vicky Woodrow (mum)
Abbie BrunskillAbbie Brunskill - Newbury

"Louise is so wonderful! Very calming and yet still straight to the point and serious about what you need to do to improve. Soo helpful every step of the way. She always makes sure that you understand and it is so easy and comfortable to ask questions! She showed a huge genuine joy for me when I passed and has been more then happy to arrange helping me with motorways after my test. Thank you so much Louise, you are amazing :)"
Ivan MaximovIvan Maximov - Newbury

"Thanks for the driving lessons, Pete (Burke) was a fabulous instructor I really liked him, he was really helpful and I recommend him to everyone"
Sarah HoggSarah Hogge - Newbury

"I thoroughly enjoyed having driving lessons with Lou, she was highly informative and helped me to build my confidence when driving and due to this I managed to overcome my nerves and pass my test."
David GrozinDavid Grozin - Thatcham

"Thankfully I managed to pass my test today. It was all thanks to Peter Skelton, my teacher who taught me everything I know and gave me everything I needed to have in order to pass this test."

"I would like to say a massive thank you to Peter and highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to start driving lessons. Following Peter's great lessons, my son not only passed the test, but also became a confident driver. He received enormous support, plenty of information and invaluable skills to boost his confidence."
Vicky Grozin (mum)
Charmain LossinCharmaine Lossin - Newbury

"Peter Skelton is a great driving school! I passed first time, and the whole experience was great. My instructor, Louise was really friendly and helpful, and she was always very supportive, patient and never critical when I made mistakes. Would definitely recommend."
Josh DaviesJosh Davies - Thatcham

"I'm very happy with my experience with Peter. I passed my driving test today and I am feeling confident with my driving. I would recommend him to anyone else learning to drive."