Manual Driving Lessons

"Manual driving lessons" are still the most popular lessons that most pupils require. There are a number of reasons for this. The main one is that currently in the UK, if you pass your driving test in a manual car, that entitles you to drive "automatic cars" as well. However that doesn't apply if you pass your test in an automatic car, you are only entitled to drive automatics. If you wish to drive manual cars then you would need to take another driving test.

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Manual Driving Lessons - Aliyah Nesbeth

As time goes on the demand for automatic lessons has increased. When I first started my driving school 17 years ago, it was very rare for anyone to ask for auto lessons, however nowadays they make up around 40% of our enquiries. This trend is definitely set to continue. One of the main reasons is the growth and popularity of electric cars.

All electric cars are automatics. The range has improved considerably going from around 80 miles to now seeing a range of over 300 miles. That now makes the electric cars a much more viable option for most drivers. The 80 mile range was fine for short journeys but it did make long journeys more problematic with having to recharge frequently. 300 mile ranges are more comparable to traditional "internal combustion engines" (ICE). Therefore most long journeys can be completed with no need to recharge until you reach your final destination.

Another thing that makes electric cars more viable are the increase in the number of charging points and the speed at which cars can now charge. The infrastructure in the UK is slowly catching up with some other European countries who have already embraced the change in the way we drive much sooner. Countries such as The Netherlands, Sweden and Norway are leading the way.

Both automatic, hybrid and fully electric sales are continuing to rise all the time. However, that doesn't mean the end of manual cars and manual lessons. Even as manufacturers stop producing ICE cars, there will still be a strong second hand market for manual cars for many years to come.


“I’ve passed my exam on my first attempt thanks to Peter Skelton and especially my instructor Tomasz. I’d like to thank you for all your efforts and great lessons.”

Baris Mancar – Newbury – Automatic

“I’m so thankful for Pete (Burke) being my instructor. He’s so calm and patient and it’s thanks to him that I passed my driving test first time with 1 minor.”

Holly Gillingham – Newbury – Manual

“Peter (Skelton) was amazing, thank you so much! I passed first time and I’ve never been happier, the best!”

Brooke Harmerston-Shepherd – Newbury – Manual

“I learned to drive with Peter Skelton Driving, and Louise was my driving instructor, Louise is a lovely teacher, she was always really friendly and patient.”

Charlotte Taylor – Thatcham – Manual

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