Pupil Reviews 2023

Below are some of our many testimonials from pupils who took driving lessons and passed their driving tests in 2023. The testimonials below are the pupils own words and we would like to thank them for their kind support.

Mabel Goggins - Manual
"Peter (Skelton) has taught both my son and daughter to drive. My daughter has just passed her test and is over the moon. Peter did a great job of teaching them both. They were very different in their abilities, my son had a lot of practice before having lessons and only needed 6 hours of lessons before he passed. My daughter was completely new behind the wheel and needed more time and lessons but Peterโ€™s patience and great teaching meant that she passed as soon as possible."
Charlie Tucker - Manual
"Thank you so much for helping me out. Not only have you helped me pass my test first time, but you have also supported me with my anxiety throughout my lessons. Even when I'm driving my own car I am always thinking about the little sayings you make up for us to all remember the important factors of driving."

and from her mum Mel:
"Hi Peter (Skelton), just wanted to drop you a message to say a huge big thankyou from Paul & I for being the best driving instructor in the world. You have been so supportive & understanding of Charlie's needs & emotional ups & downs. I don't think she could have got through the test without your support & guidance.
I always said we'd like her to learn to drive with you, from when I first met Anne all those years ago! ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€"
Grace Collins - Manual
"Louise helped me feel confident with driving and made me feel comfortable in the car. Thanks to Louise i passed first time which is amazing! Thank You"
Katie Pateman - Automatic
"I have just passed my test today, yay, thank you so much Tomasz you helped so much, I was so anxious about driving and taught me how to keep calm, you were amazing. Obrigada ๐Ÿ˜Š"
Kristina Campbell - Manual
Peter (Skelton) is an amazing instructor. I passed first time."

and from her mum Naomi:
"Thank you Peter for all of your help and patience getting Kristina prepared and ready for her test. We could not have done this without you! Stand by for Holly (our youngest) next year... I hope you'll be able to help her too..."
Bradley Kershaw - Manual
" I had a great experience with Pete (Burke), as they were patient, knowledgeable, and made me feel comfortable behind the wheel. I appreciated their ability to explain complex driving concepts in a way that was easy for me to understand and use. I felt well-prepared for my driving test thanks to their instruction and guidance, with each lesson being given the ability to choose what I wanted to do, whether it was practise with parking, dual carriageways, or other driving concepts which made me feel more confident. I would highly recommend Pete to anyone looking for a driving instructor!"
Toby Sanders - Manual
"Peter (Skelton) was a great instructor and helped me pass my test with zero minor. He has made me feel very confident with my driving capabilities. He has always been very flexible and has been able to work around my schedule."
Bhavik Shah - Manual
"Passed first time with just 2 minors. Overall experience with Peter (Skelton) was fantastic, he provided all the practical tips not just for passing the test but for driving in general."
Elmira Ramazan - Automatic
"Iโ€™ve been driving for ages outside UK , but not knowing the traffic rules and driving culture and principles which I should consider and pay attention while driving, and to pass the test and drive in test period properly as expected and to forget all bad habits, I chose to take driving lessons. and believe me itโ€™s a must and was useful not just to pass but to be able to drive properly in the roads of UK. My instructor was great knowing Iโ€™m from a foreign country and beside need for driving lessons, I was also not familiar with terms and phrases, he patiently helped me through as a mentor and instructor. So, Many thanks to Tomasz and wish him all the best."
Ned Carter - Manual
"Hi Peter (Skelton). Just wanted to tell you that I passed!! Thank you so so much for helping me do this, you are a great instructor. And hope to see you on the road!! ๐Ÿš— ๐Ÿ˜Ž"
and from his mum Julia
"You are an utter genius. Thank you soooo much. He's thrilled. We're now terrified!! ๐Ÿ˜‚
Maddy Anderson - Manual
from her mum Corinna

"Thank you Peter for helping Maddy pass her test first time!
Your advice and patience made a huge difference."

Spas Dobrinkov - Manual
"Just past the driving text that was my first time thank to greatest teacher Peter Skelton
Great lessons great experience and time with him
Highly recommended to anyone "
Charlie Nutt - Manual
"Peter (Skelton) is absolutely world class, no stress at all when you are driving with him. I would recommend him to anyone."
Ranjana - Automatic
"I have just passed my exam. I am so thankful to Tomasz for being my instructor. He was so calm and patient with me. Thank you Tomasz for all your efforts and for teaching me. I couldn't have passed without your support and encouragement in every lesson."
Arif Khan - Automatic
"I haI have passed my automatic driving test on 14th Feb 23. Tomasz is the best instructor, having lots of patience and superb manoeuvre techniques that helped me a lot to be a safe driver. Many thanks Tomasz for your guidance and support. You are the best, and without your guidance, it was impossible to get the license. Undoubtedly, you are a great asset for Peter Skelton Driving School. Best Regards Arif"
Rory Dunbar - Manual
"Hi peter,
Just passed as we speak. Wanted to say a massive thank you for your support and guidance throughout the lessons. Top man as well so can't thank you enough"
Fred Scott - Manual
"I have passed my test first time with 1 minor with the fabulous support of peter (Skelton) who helped helped massively with developing my driving skills through out my lessons and gave me lots of tips and tricks to help me with driving in the future."
and from his mum Lisa
"From Mum Iโ€™d say Fred has learnt to drive not to just pass a test. Every lesson he came home with loads of learnings and totally happy with
tutor pupil dynamics. The precise instructions for parking is mind blowing but it works in any scenario! And now my boy is on the road and heโ€™s so happy to have his freedom. Thank you Peter"
Val Albanese - Manual
"My brother, sister and I were all taught by Peter and we all passed first time. He's such an amazing driving instructor, there's absolutely no point wasting money on anyone else! He will get you to where you need to be as quickly as possible and always goes above and beyond for you! I was nervous about my test, so he scheduled a lesson for me even outside of his working hours! I'm so happy I passed, but I will miss my lessons with Peter and will always remember them! I cannot recommend him enough!"
Lucas Carter - Manual
"I did my lessons with Peter (Skelton) and I was really happy with what I was taught he was very patient when I didn't understand things he always explained it thoroughly, I passed my test first time with zero minors"
Amelia Marriot - Manual
"A massive thank you to Peter for helping me pass first time. He was so patient and calm which definitely helped my anxiety. Thank you! ๐Ÿš—"
Pritilata Das - Automatic
"It was very good to take classes from Tomasz and that's the reason I could clear it in 1st attempt. I think it would have been very steep journey from learning to drive to be able to pass it in 1st attempt without Tomasz support . Also he is very flexible with the availability as well. He is very good instructor or teacher..๐Ÿ˜Š"
Arif Khan - Automatic
"I have passed my automatic dl test on 14th Feb 23. Tomsaz is rhe best instructor having lots of patience and superb maneuver techniques that helped me a lot to be a safe driver. Many thanks Tomasz for your guidance and support. You are the best and without your guidance it was impossible to get the license. Undoubtedly, you are a great asset for Peter Skelton. Best Regards Arif"
Max Dobson - Manual
from his mum

"Youโ€™ve (Pete Burke) really helped Max massively with his confidence by being so calm. This has allowed him to build on his skills each time and I appreciate the time you took to help him hone the areas that he still needed to work on.
From a parents perspective, itโ€™s been smooth running and I like the way youโ€™ve put the responsibility on the learner to manage the lessons - one less thing for me to think of!"
Can Tugcetin - Manual
from his mum

"Pete (Burke) was amazing with Can, he knew exactly how his capability/competence was to take him to next step gradually by building his self confidence and made him an incredible/diligent driver in 3 months."
Dexter Batehup - Manual
"11/10 best instructor (Peter Skelton) in West Berkshire"

and from his dad Mark
"Hi Peter. Just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work with Dexter. He went straight out and bought a ar this afternoon and is now a proud independent motorist."
Lara Bullen - Manual
"Thank you so much, I wouldn't have passed first time without your help and support. You were very patient with me and helped me feel safe and confident while driving."

and from her mum Carolyn
"Thanks Pete (Burke) for your patience, kindness and knowledge. After a slow start Lara gained in confidence and with your assistance and support she began to flourish with practice and now has passed first time. We're over the moon.
Cheers Carolyn"
Isabel Quesada-Getgood - Manual
"Today I passed first time without any minors. I am extremely grateful for Peter (Skelton) as he has taught me how to drive and made me as confident as I am now. It has been a great experience learning to drive with him as he has always been patient and helped me to learn from all of my mistakes. Thank you very much!"
Tom Woodrow - Manual
from his mum Vicky
"Hi Peter, he PASSED!! Fantastic!!! 2 minors.
ENORMOUS thanks to you again for your help & patience. I will, of course, continue to recommend you to our friends.
Take care & all the best, Vicky ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿš—๐Ÿ‘"
Alex Duncan - Manual
"Peter (Skelton) is a really great instructor, he helped put me at ease when driving and was very patient throughout the learning process. He made sure I fully understood how to handle different road situations and taught above and beyond just passing the test. 10/10 would recommend.
Ps. Still expect to see the Sam Smith outfit ๐Ÿ˜‰"
Sean Farmbrough - Manual
"A very good instructor (Peter Skelton)! Definitely one of the best I've seen. Good at teaching and is really understanding. Will 100% refer to everyone I know!! ๐Ÿ‘"
Claudia Pope - Manual
"Itโ€™s been great to learn with Peter (Skelton) as all of my sisters before me have too. Itโ€™s been hard and frustrating sometimes but I eventually got the hang of it as everyone does. He is a very good teacher and pushes you to do your best. Iโ€™m so glad I passed first time with only two minors! Thank you Peter!"
Aaron Geater - Manual
"very patient driving instructor, when you first step in the car till you pass he teaches you all the rules of the road and everything you need to know. i passed first time, pete (Burke) was amazing "
Huw Williams - Manual
"Amazing instructor, Pete (Burke) was patient and extremely helpful throughout the process."
Penny Cooper - Manual
"Louise was extremely patient and calm. She did an amazing job with getting me to success. I always felt as ease and we kept a steady pace when learning which made me feel comfortable at all times. Would defo recommend Louise at Peter Skelton school to anyone looking for lessons ! :)"
Sreeram Rengasamy - Manual
"3rd time pass, but 1st time with Peter (Skelton), Relieved my 4 years of stress in just 10 days rather than 20 hours. Hats off to you as always. Your teaching skills not only made me pass the exam but improved me and am applying those techniques in my real life. Thank you for everything โค๏ธโค๏ธ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™"
Benita Kazlauske - Manual
"Today is the happiest day of my life. I passed my driving test.Today was the 4th time I took the driving test, but the first time with Peter (Skelton) and I PASSED.
I am very happy that I chose Peter as my driving instructor.
He is the best of the best. He is very positive and calm person and explains everything in great detail. He is professional. Thank you very much for your patience with me. I highly recommend Peter to everyone, you will definitely be satisfied. I wish you the best of luck with the other students and hope for as many happy faces as possible each time. my dream has come true, thank you Peter."
Megan Marchant - Manual
"Feeling absolutely fantastic with a first time pass, Peter (Skelton) is an incredible driving instructor and I couldn't ask for anyone better! Thank you for steering me towards success! (pun intended) ๐Ÿ˜"
Gabriel Berger - Manual
"Louise is a fantastic instructor. I always felt like I was making progress and could not have been better prepared for my test! 10/10"
Ceyda Oztekin - Automatic
"I've got to say a big thanks to Tomasz!
He is an excellent driving instructor who has helped me develop my confidence on the road, which has made me a safe and independent driver. I would highly recommend Tomasz for new learner and experienced as well.
Thanks again Tomasz๐Ÿ™"
Callum Pascoe - Manual
"I would recommend anyone learning to drive to go with Peter Skelton company as my driving instructor Pete Burke is very calm and patient and he has helped me to become very confident when I'm driving.
Mahid Abdul - Manual
"I passed my driving test first time with Peter Skelton! Great teacher and very patient with anxious drivers, but terrible choice in football teams. Highly recommend!"
Nina Barnes - Manual
"I had great, informative lessons with Peter (Skelton). Spent lots of time on the road and everything I learnt was always put into practice!
Thank you :)"
Josh Ojeiwa- Manual
"Thanks Peter (Skelton) for all you did. You gave me all the lessons I needed and my Practical test was so easy. I will recommend him any time any day."
Callum Tang- Manual
"Pete (Burke) is a fantastic instructor, who I would recommend to absolutely any learner driver. Thank you so much!"
Ollie Liddell- Manual
"Peter (Skelton) was a great influence on my driving ability. Clear, consistent training tips were able to help me get up to test standard, and ultimately, pass my test. I had a different instructor before Peter, but since starting lessons with Peter I improved at a much faster rate than I had found with my previous instructor. His methodical approach to driving really helped me smash my driving test."
Tom Pilgrim- Manual
"I came to Peter (Skelton) having had previous lessons and I honestly feel like Iโ€™ve learnt to drive again. I was very impressed with how thoroughly he covers all aspects of the learning process and is very invested in your success. Definitely the best instructor Iโ€™ve had, and would recommend to anybody who wants to learn to drive."
Joe Hamshaw- Manual
"Peter Skelton helped me pass my test first time and has made me a safe and confident driver."
Tom Holloway- Manual
"Pete Burke helped me learn everything I needed to know and made sure I was ready for my test with confidence before I took it and passed first time."

and from his mum Sam:
"Many Thanks Pete, great news that Tom passed his test! Thanks for all your work with him.
Great that you got all 3 of my boys through their test 1st time.
I will be highly recommending you!"
Jemima Gawuga - Automatic
"Thank you Tomasz for all your hard work, am not and easy student to teach but you had all the patience for me and never gave up on me. Thank you so much"
Luke McMahon- Manual
"I am thrilled to have just passed my test with Peter Skelton, an incredible driving instructor who is a calm, measured, very helpful instructor. I would definitely recommend ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ"
Dan Lamb- Manual
"Pete (Burke), is a fantastic, patient driving instructure who goes above and beyond for his students, i have used him 3 times now for my kids and he comes highly recommened and nothing is to much trouble!
The Lamb Family xx"
Harry Foxley - Automatic
"I managed to pass first time thanks to my instructor Tomasz who was an excellent teacher who helped prepare me for the test."
Liam Trew- Manual
"I've passed my driving test first time, Peter (Skelton) was really good helping me be ready for my test."

and from his dad Martin:
"Hi Peter,
I know I briefly thanked you earlier today, but just wanted to follow it up with a message to say how sincerely grateful I am to you for teaching Liam to drive, and successfully passing his practical test.
Liam felt at ease with you and your teaching style from day one, so I'm so glad I was given your telephone number by Martin at Acclaim.
I'm so proud of Liam today, it was a huge and well deserved achievement, made possible by you!
I believe Liam is going to write you a review, I'll make sure he does, and in addition to that I will be sure to recommend you to anyone that might be in need of your teaching.
Thanks again and very best regards - Martin."
Alex Quaintance- Manual
"I have just passed my driving test first time and I am ecstatic. Pete's (Skelton) teaching was incredible and allowed me to really grasp how to drive quickly and efficiently, showing me proper techniques and everything to know about the roads. Would definitely recommend to future learners."

and from his mum Victoria:
"Hi Pete. Many thanks for all your help and support with Alex. So pleased but wow how life changes. All 3 kids independent ๐Ÿ‘"
Abi Hobbs- Manual
"I passed first time with 2 minors, lessons with Peter (Skelton) have been really calm and informative. I enjoyed every lesson."
Afnan Amayreh - Automatic
"Tomasz was a very good instructor, very flexible, organized and always holding a positive attitude, he was keen to make me understand the driving techniques and the root cause behind each method which indicates that he has the adequate knowledge and experience in driving.
Thanks Tomasz, it was a pleasure learning from you."
Ebikere Ikuenobe - Automatic
"Wow! Thank you so very much (Tomasz). My learning experience with you was amazing, always encouraging and building my confidence. It was my first test, but you made me feel confident and relaxed in my driving and on the test. I am so happy, and I will surely recommend all my friends and colleagues to you. Thank you. You guys rook."
Riaz Ibrahim- Manual
"I started my driving journey with Peter (Skelton) in Aug 2023 and I was expecting to get the license by Nov 1st week before my international license expired. Even though I knew how to drive, driving in UK was difficult owing to the stringent rules. But Peter made it easy. Not only did he teach me the driving rules in UK, but also gave me tips on how to drive efficiently and in a fuel-efficient way. On the test day, he picked me up quite early and gave some warm-up lessons to get ready for the test, which helped me a lot to clear the test on the first attempt with 4 minor faults. Our goal was to get the licence by the 1st week of Nov and we did it with 2 days to spare. For me, Peter was a lifesaver and I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to clear the driving test on their first attempt. Thank you Peter!"
Will Houghton- Manual
from his mum Louisa:
"Really impressed with the support, patience and instruction Peter (Skelton) has given Will. Driving is such a big challenge and an even bigger responsibility for a young person, and the teaching Will's had has shaped him into a confident, but above all safe, driver."
Josh Allen- Manual
"Thank you so so much for everything . You have given me confidence and ability to drive safely. It has been a pleasure but one last request for a motorway lesson please ๐Ÿ˜"
and from his mum Nikki:
"Thank you for the patience and understanding with his anxiety."
Marcia Marques de Oliveira de Sa- Manual
"I am so happy today, as I have just passed my practical driving test after practicing with Peter Skelton. I have to thank Peter for his enormous patience as, although I already had a licence from other country, I haven't driven for over 10 years, so it was a big challenge to drive on the left side and get rid of all my bad driving habits. Peter was always calm and aware of my mistakes, trying to use different techniques to show how I should position, execute the manoeuvres and drive on the right speed. Now I feel much more confident to go on the road safely. Thanks again!"
Saranya - Manual
"I simply donโ€™t have words that can describe and pay gratitude to you enough. You are absolutely professional, patient and ensures to fine tune my areas of weaknesses. I have been lucky to have you as my instructor and thankful to you for transforming me into a confident driver on the road. I have passed my exam in the first attempt and truly enjoyed entire experience of learning with you. Respect to you for making this dream possible into reality.

Thank you, Pete (Burke). ! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป"