Anticipation – Defensive Driving

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Next in our blog posts of “What makes a good driver” is anticipation. Once you start to learn to drive around Newbury, your driving instructor can tell you the potential risks and they will get you to look at what may happen next. Anticipation is the capability to understand and be aware of the problems […]

Reduce your Car Insurance with an In-Car Camera

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A new camera system is available that is designed for your car. This new camera records everything that happens while driving and keeps information about any journey that a driver has taken. The system has been designed for young drivers so that they can go to any insurance company and prove that they can drive […]

Learner Drivers on Motorways


Learner drivers on motorways is something that has been debated for years. The change in the law will come into effect later on in 2012 and will help to solve the problem of recently passed pupils driving on 70mph roads without any training. Under the plans announced by the Road Safety Minister, Mike Penning, it […]