Traffic Back to Pre-Covid Levels – Semi-intensive Driving Lessons Newbury

To the chagrin of many motorists, road traffic levels appear to be back to the pre-Covid normal. According to the Department for Transport, data has revealed that on 28th May, movement for all UK vehicles were at 104% of the equivalent weekday in February 2020 since before the lockdowns. During April 2020 traffic had dwindled to just 35% of typical weekday volumes. Despite this rise in road traffic, it seems people are still wary of using public transportation, with travel by national rail measuring at 45% normal levels, bus passengers are at 64%. In London, specifically, tube travel measures at just shy of half and buses are at 65%.

This has caused concern for MD of AlcoSense, Hunter Abbott, who suggests that these changes in behaviour could create issues with drink driving. ‘…People who would normally take public transport are now driving to work instead… These drivers in particular need to be wary of how much alcohol they consume at home the evening before. It’s surprisingly easy to still have alcohol in your system the following morning.’ It could take up to 14 hours for 4 pints to clear from your system.

With this current scepticism in regard to using public transport, it may lead to a rise in people taking driving lessons, including automatic lessons. Potentially, people who would not have otherwise wanted to take driving lessons, even those in Newbury, have felt they needed to as a reaction to feeling unsafe in such close proximity with others during this pandemic.

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  1. The driving experience bringing my confidence back up starting with a new instructor really helped me can’t thank my instructor enough.

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