Pupils – Book Your Theory Test

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BOOK YOUR THEORY TEST!!!! There it is in bold writing. So what’s the panic? Why the bold statement? Well….. booking the theory test as soon as possible is definitely the best thing to do. I ask pupils when I first speak to them on the phone “Have you booked or passed your theory test yet?” If […]

Keep Driving Simple to Pass Your Driving Test

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Driving a car is a very complex thing. Think about this, you have to co-ordinate two hands and two feet at the same time. Not only that you have to do all that whilst looking and concentrating on the road ahead while being aware of what’s all around you. You could do the same journey […]

Motorists – Pump Up Your Tyres

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Did you know that as much as a million gallons of fuel are lost every day on UK roads due to low tyre pressure. That’s as much as £7,000,000 per day that we are wasting purely because we don’t keep a check of our tyre pressures. With around 30,000,000 cars in the UK that represents […]

Automatic or Manual Car?

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Should you look to take lessons in an automatic or a manual car? There are pros and cons for each. The benefits of driving an automatic are that they are much easier to drive. You only have to worry about two pedals instead of three. What’s more the pedal that’s missing is the most tricky one to […]

The Benefits of a Mock Test

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There are many benefits to having a “Mock Test”. However they can put the fear of god into some pupils. Believe it or not that’s a good thing! Why? You may ask. Let’s say you take your real driving test having never experienced a mock test. Imagine how nervous you may feel on the big […]

Why Do Pupils Stall?

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Pupil’s stalling is something that almost every pupil does at some point, regardless of how experienced they are or how naturally good they are. In fact if we are all honest we all stall from time to time even if we’ve been driving for many years. I remember pulling away from a pupil’s driveway and […]