Pupil Reviews 2021

Below are some of our many testimonials from pupils who took driving lessons and passed their driving tests in 2021. The testimonials below are the pupils own words and we would like to thank them for their kind support.

Clare Woodage - Kintbury - Manual
"Peter (Skelton) is an amazing instructor! He helped me to pass first time with no minor marks. I'd highly recommend Peter Skelton as a driving instructor as he is patient, understanding and helped me over come my nerves when driving!! I started learning to drive when I was 17 with another instructor, but gave up for four years, before learning with Peter. It was the best decision I ever made! Thank you!!"
Katie Roberts - Compton - Manual
"I took intensive lessons with Peter (Skelton), we had 6 days to get me to pass my test, I passed first go, Peter is a very very good instructor and I would definitely recommend him to everyone."
Lily Carroll - Newbury - Manual
"Passing first time, on both practical and theory, thanks to Peter's (Skelton) guidance and support. Couldn't recommend anyone more highly."
Freya Prunton - Newbury - Automatic
"I started driving in April and have just passed my test first time thanks to Muba Eminovs! He is a great instructor and is very patient, explaining all the rules clearly. He has built my confidence over the last 3 months and made my lessons really enjoyable because of his relaxed and friendly manner. I highly recommend him!"
Rodrigue Zakhour - Crowthorne - Manual
"I got couple of sessions with Pete (Burke), which was very helpful! And I was surprised when I took my test, that is was all kind of a Deja Vu, because Pete simply covered every detail on the sessions. Thanks Pete for the amazing job."
Tali Hamshaw - Newbury - Manual
"I passed my test first time, I am now confident that I will be a safe driver on the road thanks to Peter's (Skelton) excellent teaching."
Amy Forde - Kintbury - Manual
"Passed first time with Louise who always made me feel calm and confident, would definitely recommend."
Nick Holloway - Crookham Hill - Manual
"I had a great experience with Pete (Burke), he was great at teaching me everything necessary to pass the test first time. He taught in a slow and helpful way which helped a lot."
James Holloway - Crookham Hill - Manual
"I thought my lessons with Pete (Burke) helped me learn and understand the necessary information making passing my test first time so much easier."
Connie Pope - Woolton Hill - Manual
"Honestly the best teacher I could imagine, I learnt from the best! Thank you so much Peter (Skelton) for your amazing teaching. I passed first time in Basingstoke even though I didn't know the area that well. Will definitely be recommending to anyone who needs a driving instructor!"
Sruthi Pillai - Newbury - Automatic
"Tomasz is a great Instructor, really patient and understanding and he makes sure to go through everything that could come up in your practical test. I would highly recommend him!"
Fadila Mahammed - Newbury - Manual
"Pete (Burke), you are an amazing instructor, the best who I met. You made me feel confident and you advices are always really good and helpful. Thank you I'm very grateful to you. I highly recommend you."
Harry Light - Thatcham - Manual
"Peter's (Skelton) a first class instructor! Passed first time with him. Would highly recommend."
Tilly McDougall - Cold Ash - Manual
"I passed my test first time today with one minor! Peter (Skelton) has been an amazing instructor and made me so much more confident in my test and I'm really grateful to him! Thank you!"
Ellie Richards - Kingsclere - Manual
"Peter is an excellent instructor, he is very patient and has a great way of putting you at ease. I loved his little sayings to help remember things, they will definitely help me with my driving in the future. I would thoroughly recommend him!"
Tilly Javes - Thatcham - Automatic
"Thank you so much for all your help (Muba Eminovs)! After trying my fair share of instructors, you're the only one who didn?t make me feel more anxious. You helped me stay calm in situations that made me want to give up driving altogether! By the end of my first lesson with you I?d gone from ?I?ll never be able to do it? to a calm and confident driver. You absolutely deserve 5 stars and I will be recommending??"
Ludo Hardy - Newbury - Manual
"After a long two years of driving and 3 failed tests with another instructor. Peter (Skelton) has completely transformed my driving and my confidence behind the wheel. Very highly recommend Peter no matter what stage of driving you are at."
Larissa Hardy (Ludo's mum) - Newbury - Manual
"Peter (Skelton) was a fantastic driving instructor, who enabled my son to pass his test with only one minor! His previous instructor had taught him so little in comparison & he said that Peter taught him brilliantly & we would highly recommend him. Thank you so much Peter!"
Levent Unal - Newbury - Manual
"Thank you very much Peter Skelton , you're the best driving instructor who I met , I passed my first time driving exam , I never forget shoulder to shoulder. You're the best one 😊"
Edan Camplin - Newbury - Manual
"Really good and helpful instructor (Pete Burke), always giving the best advice and giving me lots of confidence. Thank you!"
Kieran Higgins - Newbury - Manual
"Passed my driving test thanks to Louise the other day, she was an amazing calm and understanding teacher. Highly recommend learning through Peter Skelton!"
Holly Jackson - Thatcham - Manual
"Passed first time with only 4 minors thanks to Pete Burke, he’s an amazing teacher and made sure I was test ready and that I was confident."
Holly Robson-Lacey - Newbury - Manual
"I took refresher lessons with Pete (Burke), a very calm, patient instructor. He helped me to gain back my confidence being back behind the wheel. I would highly recommend to both beginners and people more experienced."
Hyma Elda - Newbury - Automatic
"Tomasz is a great driving instructor and follows a step by step teaching approach. He is very interactive and understands our driving faults, limitations and explains the driving concepts & Manoeuvres in simple way. I am very happy for taking lessons from Tomasz and had passed the test in first time."
Jemima Landale - Cold Ash - Manual
"Passed first time with one minor. Very happy and all due to Peter (Skelton) who taught me everything."
Rita Piscikaite - Newbury - Automatic
"A massive thanks to Tomasz for all his support and endurance with me throughout my driving lessons. He is a very knowledgeable and practical instructor. Would recommend him to anyone that wants to pass their driving test first time. Thank YOU again and again"
Issac Flowers - Newbury - Manual
"Would highly recommend using Peter Burke. He's a brilliant teacher and helped me become test ready in really good time. Top bloke too, perfect for 1st learners πŸ‘πŸΌ"
Karolina Hamerlik - Woolton Hill - Manual
"Thank you Muba Eminovs for your hard work, all support and patience. Ive passed my exam on my first attempt with 2 minors. Highly reccomend :)"
Annabel Cotton - Peasmore - Manual
"Peter (Skelton), what a amazing driving instructor!!! I feel so so happy to have passed my driving test FIRST TIME!!!! I think only Peter could have made me such a good driver with his instructions!! I would recommend to anyone I see!! Thank you so so much Peter and keep being the best!!"
Cara Murphy - Newbury - Automatic
"Tomasz is quite possibly the most patient driving instructor I've ever met. He takes the time to understand you and try you easy, yet detailed ways of teaching you to drive. I was so happy I was able to pass first time with Tomasz as he gave me the ground work of being a more confident driver. Thankyou so much!"
Saurabh Singh - Newbury - Manual
"I had a great lesson with my instructor. His name is Pete (Burke). He taught me to pay attention to all details. My instructor really helped build my confidence with just 5 hours revised lessons as I did not drive for a year due to the pandemic.You could literally see the zeal and determination in him to see you pass.
Very professional, Timely, Kind, patient and firm.Will definitely recommend him to anyone.
Best Regards

Alyshia Connerton - Newbury - Manual
"Absolutely brilliant instructor (Pete Burke)! Helped me get through my nerves and explained everything clearly! Highly recommend!"
Phil Protonorios - Newbury - Manual
"I have just passed my driving test with Peter (Skelton) as my instructor and I would highly recommend his driving school to anyone who wants to receive serious training in order to pass his test. It was an emergency test as I am a critical worker. On the rather short notice of 10 days before my test Peter helped me tremendously by adequately preparing me for the test. He explained all my mistakes through logic and mathematics which helped me understand them and correct them. He was also very supportive with my working schedule and provided excellent flexibility with the lessons. Thank you very much Peter, I am most grateful."

Cloe Withers - Newbury - Manual
"Thank you so much for your help Pete (Burke), first time pass!"
Jonah Bowden - Newbury - Manual
"Really helpful and insightful lessons from Pete Burke. Passed first time!"
Will J - Basingstoke - Manual
"Cheers for your help Pete (Burke). Top bloke."