Pupil Reviews 2019

Below are some of our many testimonials from pupils who took driving lessons and passed their driving tests in 2019. The testimonials below are the pupils own words and we would like to thank them for their kind support.

Evie ChamingsEvie Chamings - Newbury

"Thanks so much Pete Burke for helping me pass, phenomenal teacher, all credit to the school, recommending to everyone who asks."
Meg CarterMeg Carter - Ball Hill

"I had Peter as my instructor and I’ve just passed first time. Peter is so supportive and patient and I would definitely recommend him, I’m actually going to miss having driving lessons!"
Krutika SackpalKrutika Sackpal - Newbury

"Tomasz, you really made near impossible thing as possible i.e. passing the test in first attempt. I salute your patience and the way of explaining the things/teaching. Many thanks for everything. Krutika"
Kris ReddinKris Reddin- Woolton Hill

"Great teacher fun lessons without wasting time , would definitely recommmend if your wanting to pass!!"
Mitch GibbonsMitch Gibbons- Hermitage

"Very impressed with Peter Skelton, I'm not the easiest person to teach but he's always been very patient and if I didn't understand he would always explain as many times as it takes, always on time and never fails to impress with first time passes, thank you Peter."
Mica SelfMica Self - Hermitage

"Couldn’t be happier with how peter has taught me, he’s calm, happy and enjoyable to be around.

You can see he really enjoys doing it and pushes you hard when you need it most!

He’s helped with my anxiety with life and with driving! 👌🏼

I've learnt more in a month with you than in 4 years of lessons.

I would highly recommend!"
Connie PikeConnie Pike - Newbury

"Thank you Louise so much for all of the help! You are so flexible with driving lesson hours, it’s amazing! I was really well prepared for my driving test and the feedback given from it will help me to further improve my driving!"
Alex HarveyAlex Harvey - Newbury


I've been through 3 driving instructors and Peter was by far the best!

His attention to detail and being thorough with every aspect of driving safely was consistent and calmly executed. Admittedly, there were points where on more than one occasion I found myself flustered from an obvious mistake, but having Peter take the time to pause and regain my confidence really helped. The extended/harder mock tests he ran made the real test a breeze!

His faith never ceased and I thank you for all your help and support."
Holly HauxwellHolly Hauxwell - Newbury

"Can not say thank you enough to Tomasz for helping me pass my driving test! He is honestly amazing and I would definitely recommend him to everybody. His way of teaching made driving feel so easy. He was so patient with me and made me feel so at ease! Definitely going to miss him but thank you for always believing in me and making me a safe happy driver"
Josh CaffellJosh Caffell - Newbury

"Hi Pete (Burke). Just wanted to thank you for preparing me to pass my test, I got it first time and I feel like I gained so much from taking the lessons with you, thank you very much!"
Emily RendellEmily Rendell - Newbury

"Peter Skelton is a great teacher who made me feel at ease in a car very quickly. He made it so my confidence was quickly built and I was well prepared for my test when it came."
Jack VicaryJack Vicary - Newbury

"Fantastic instructor the whole time. Never a bad word or raised voice which must have been difficult with me haha. Not much more I can say other than it is the reason I passed first time."
Bill SherinBill Sherin - Woolton Hill

"My instructor's calm, perfectionist way of teaching helped me so much in helping me learning to drive. I was able to pass my test with confidence and ease and would definitely recommend."
Joshua ProutJoshua Prout - Newbury

"Peter Burke is an excellent instructor, he is very calm and methodical and he always knew what to do to fix anything I struggled with quickly. I passed first time but he also went the extra mile to make sure I had all the skills to be a good driver past the test. Very flexible with lesson times which was great."
Emily TaylorEmily Taylor - Peasemore

"Thank you so much for teaching me I really have enjoyed it! I think "the bend is not your friend" will be stuck in my head forever!"
Emma TrattEmma Tratt - Newbury

"Peter has the patience of a Saint and got this anxious mess comfortable behind the wheel with a pass second time around. He takes the time to explain everything in detail and his methods for manoeuvres are easy to perform and more importantly to get right. Very flexible with lesson times so you could do it outside of work/college."
Morgan ShawMorgan Shaw - Kintbury

"Passed my test first time. Really Really happy with the result."
Oliver WithamOliver Witham - Newbury

"Great patience and calm throughout. I 100% recommend Peter Skelton Driving School to anyone who's looking to learn to drive."
Tom YoungTom Young - Thatcham

"Thank you so much for helping me pass my driving test. In such a quick space of time I learned so much and pushed me hard and made me a better driver. I would definitely recommend you to other learners. Again thank you so much."
Pliciane DestefaniPliciane Destefani - Newbury

"“Passed my driving test with only 2 minors!
My instructor was very attentive and flexible with schedules
I don’t speak fluent English and he was very patient. Excellent instructor"
Jack RiddickJack Riddick - Burghclere

"A brilliant instructor, and his teaching style is rigorous and logical. Very pleased to have passed with 1 minor mark. Thank you!"
Thusego DiseleThusego Disele - Newbury

"Thought driving was all about moving a car until I meet Peter who taught me everything I need to know . He is a calm and patient man during the lessons. Made me pass first time and everything seemed easy during the test day."
James SimmsJames Simms - Compton

"Peter came recommended to us as someone with a lot of patience for nervous drivers and he certainly was. He really helped with James's confidence and went the extra mile with help around booking the test so much so that James passed first time in the worst driving conditions he has faced! We would definitely recommend Peter."
Harry AshtonHarry Ashton - Kingsclere

"We struggled to find a local instructor who could fit in around our son’s busy after college schedule, so we decided to enrol him on an intensive course of lessons during the summer holidays. Peter managed to fit all of Harry’s lessons and his test into a 2 week period and we were thrilled when Harry passed his test first time with only 2 minors!!!

Initially we were a little concerned how a 17 year old would manage 4 hours of driving a day (for 6 consecutive days) but it clearly worked and Harry really enjoyed his time with Peter. We would thoroughly recommend this approach to anybody (we didn’t do any extra driving with Harry ourselves) and Peter always communicated well and was as flexible as possible scheduling lessons. Overall a stress free, enjoyable experience for all us with a brilliant end result. Thank you Peter!!"
Katie RussellKatie Russell - Newbury

"When starting the semi-intensive course, Peter made me so comfortable from the offset. After using different instructors previously, he enabled me to fully understand how to drive with confidence, which I had never felt before with any other instructor. Thanks to him I took my test confidently and passed first time with no minors!"
Charli FloodCharli Flood - Hermitage

"Peter Skelton is an absolutely amazing Driving Instructor and Person, I have learnt so much from Peter and I just want to thank him for being so calm and kind to me throughout my driving, He created a relaxed and positive atmosphere for me and always made sure that I was happy with the way I was learning and the progress I was making. I would not have had the confidence to take my test or pass without Peter’s help, He really does go above and beyond. I have well and truly made a friend for life. I could not recommend Peter Skelton Driving School More!"
Lauren CropperLauren Cropper - Newbury

"I booked an intensive evening and weekend course with Peter, with two hour lesson slots. I wanted to do an intensive course, but I didn’t want to take time off of work, so the flexibility worked really well for me. Peter is a fantastic driving instructor, I have always been nervous but Peter provided a calm environment to learn in, and also gave me just the right amount of push to get me to where I needed to be . It was important to me to feel confident and not just “fluke” my test. I booked in my test and I took all my lessons in the two weeks leading up to test day. I passed on my first test with Zero faults! Peter knew exactly what we needed to do within those two weeks to get me ready. So a huge thank you Peter!"
Edward HerbertEdward Herbert - Newbury

"Exceptional driving instructor, always kept calm and couldn’t have passed without him!"
Maria CalemMaria Calem - Hermitage

"I passed my driving test first time in under 2 months and all thanks to Peter from Peter Skelton driving school! He is a very good instructor and I couldn’t recommend him enough for anyone who wants to get their driving license! Thank you so much for everything!!"
Ella FentonElla Fenton - Newbury

"My instructor was very patient and calm and managed to build my confidence in the car very quickly. When I first started lessons I had hardly driven at all, but he helped me to progress extremely quickly through a semi intensive course and pass my test first time with zero minors. Massive thank you, you’re awesome!"
Oscar BlackallOscar Blackall - Newbury

"Peter is polite, tolerant and a great teacher helping me not only to pass my test first time but also to drive safely and confidently."
Penny AtkinsonPenny Atkinson - Headley

"After previously trying with another driving school in Newbury, I came back from university and took lessons with Peter. He hugely helped to improve my confidence, which was initially quite low. He has a friendly manner and was so easy to get along with. I thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with him and would highly recommend him to anyone! I passed first time with only 1 minor – something I never thought possible before. Thanks for everything Peter"
Tom AgarTom Agar - Newbury

"Had Peter for my lessons helps you learn everything properly before your test, passed quickly and good value for money."
Charlotte KingCharlotte King - Newbury

"Peter’s teaching has landed me 5 years no claims! I was also worried about my brother joining my insurance but he also had Peter as a teacher so my no claims bonus remains untouched. Thanks Pete! 😊"
Elliot GogginsElliot Goggins - Lambourn

"I had about 5 lessons with Pete Burke who throughout gave me the tips I needed to pass my test first time but not only that he helped me better understand what I needed to improve on by focusing in on problematic areas. If I had trouble with a specific part of a route we would do it again until I felt comfortable with completing it in a test situation. Thanks again Pete for helping me get the result I wanted."
Sait FindikliSait Findikli - Newbury

"I had lessons with Peter. To be honest I wasn't expecting that I pass the test on my first attempt but he's given me every life saver tips and crucial informations like a pill; of course by his deep experience. Also he gave me a courage before the test. I appreciate all your efforts, thank you."
Jack GordonJack Gordon - Thatcham

"Peter Skelton is a great driving instructor, would highly recommend to anyone."
Richard EldredRichard Eldred - Thatcham

"I had put off driving for many years but thanks to Tomasz I passed first time. He’s an excellent instructor with a huge amount of patience. I would highly recommend."
Meghan HardyMeghan Hardy - Kingsclere

"I started driving in February and I just passed first time today in April. Peter is so friendly and can have a laugh with you and also push you to do your best. I wouldn’t have done it without his help! 10/10 recommend to anyone! Thanks Peter 🤩"
Alex BruccianiAlex Brucciani - Newbury

"Needed to get lessons and my test done within a space of 5 months. Had lessons with Louise and she was absolutely amazing! Passed first time with 0 minors !! Thank you Louise!!!"
Derya GocerDerya Gocer - Newbury

"My instructor, Tomasz was great! He was patient, supportive, friendly, responsible and respectful. He helped me a lot and drove the lessons in a very structured and well manner.
Thank you so much for everything Tomasz!"
Loui GardinerLoui Gardiner - Newbury

"I started my first lesson on February 1st with Pete (Burke), he is an excellent instructor who taught me how to drive in two months. Highly recommend as an instructor as I passed first time."
Fergus Beresford 213/11Fergus Beresford - Kintbury

"Peter was very calm and his instruction was very clear. I was able to ask lots of questions and he gave me confidence."
Becky HinchcliffeBecky Hinchcliffe - Newbury

"I've been learning on and off for several years and have had several driving instructors in that time. Learning with Pete Burke was by far the easiest and pleasantest of those experiences- he quickly got my confidence up and had a really can-do attitude, especially given that I had a short deadline for my test, and needed to learn a lot.
I'd thoroughly recommend him and Peter Skelton school to anyone learning in the Newbury area. I've never been quite so relaxed and confident in my own abilities. - ooh and 'I never expected to pass first time!"
Nigel Vaughan-BirchNigel Vaughan-Birch - Newbury

"I cannot thank Louise from Peter Skelton Driving School enough for all of her hard work and patience as she taught me how to drive. With all of her fantastic help I managed to PASS my driving test on the very first go.
I highly recommend Louise from Peter Skelton Driving School. Thank you Louise for everything and may lots of other new drivers benefit from your tutoring."
Matthew GreenMatthew Green - Newbury

"Absolutely chuffed that I passed earlier today!
Peter rest is a top class driving instructor and I highly recommend that you learn with him. He is perfectly calm throughout the whole learning process and this helps with fast progression. Peter is great at spotting what you personally need to improve on in order to pass and then he works on it until you can almost do it blindfolded!
Again, I highly recommend that learn with him."
Xiang WongXiang Wong - Thatcham

"My neighbour recommended me to Peter Skelton, and it was the best choice I made. He is a patient teacher and adapts to your learning style. He also injects humour into our driving lessons, so that I can learn while having some laughs. It has been a great experience learning with Peter. Thank you!
I would highly recommend anyone to take driving lessons with Peter Skelton."
Follow up message
"Hello Peter. I've been driving to work for a month now. All's good! Thank you for everything you taught me. Have a good Sunday"
Gabby JonesGabby Jones - Newbury

"Would highly recommend Peter Skelton as a driving instructor!! Was always very patient and made me into a confident driver - also very flexible with his schedule."
Kanokwan DavenportKanokwan Davenport - Newbury

"I’m very pleased to have passed my test, initially I was with a different driving school but I didn’t enjoy the experience there, once I started learning with Peter Skelton and in particular Tomasz things changed for the better as my confidence grew and I looked forward to lessons.
He is a great instructor who is able to explain things in just the right way so that it makes sense, and I felt at ease with him from the first lesson, I battled with nerves when driving but Tomasz found ways of showing me how to overcome this.
I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Tomasz and Peter Skelton driving school.
Thank you Tomasz for your patience and understanding, I got there in the end."
Jasmine KohJasmine Koh - Kintbury

"I learnt to drive with Peter himself and having previously had a couple lessons with another driving school I wouldn’t choose anyone else to learn with if I were to do it again! Peter not only helps you with driving to pass your test but also driving once you’ve passed to ensure you’re doing things safely! Thank you so much Peter! 100% would recommend!"
Leo HayesLeo Hayes - Hermitage

"Very proud of my boy Leo Thomas Hayes for passing his driving test at the first time of asking today 👍👍 and so many thanks to Peter Skelton for his First class driving instruction, can not recommend his driving school enough.
Well done Leo !
Oleysa EminovaOleysa Eminova - Newbury

"THANK YOU SO MUCH PETER!!! For your hard work, im really enjoyed our lessons, i struggled a lot but you did very good job!(couldn’t believe that I did it) You are an amazing instructor !!! I highly recommend Peter Skelton Driving school!!!"
Jack AmorJack Amor - Newbury

"Thank you very much for helping me pass my test! Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor, I’d happily recommend Peter Skelton to any learners."
Pip JacksonPip Jackson - Thatcham

"Thanks for helping me pass my test first time. It was a great learning experience, i think you tailored my lessons very well to me as someone who isn’t 17.

Would thoroughly recommend you to anyone near Newbury learning to Drive."