The Best Place to Take a Driving Test

The Best Place to Take a Driving Test

What a great week for driving tests for Peter Skelton Driving School. We had 6 driving tests and 5 of them passed. Everyone who passed were first time passes. The average number of driver faults, or minor marks as some people call them were 4.

This is quite typical for our driving school. So why do we have such a good pass rate compared to some other driving schools? There are a number of reasons why this is so.

  • We work to very high standards of teaching to help bring out the best in our pupils and to bring them up to the highest possible standards
  • We teach and take pupils to test in Newbury. We are teaching people to drive of course, however a bit of local knowledge can help with some of the trickier parts of any test area. You may well find that if you sign up for an intensive driving course you may well get an instructor who doesn’t know the area.
  • We take our pupils to test when they are ready. We don’t take them to practice. That doesn’t mean that they take more lessons than necessary, it means that they are ready to pass and drive independently

We teach in both manual and in automatic. When I first started as a driving instructor I hardly ever got a request for automatic driving lessons. Nowadays around half the enquiries are for automatic. That number will increase more over the next few years as electric cars become more common, as all electric cars are automatics.

We have a number of people come to us from other areas to take their driving test in Newbury as they have heard about our reputation as a very good driving school. I have made a commitment to only take on the very best instructors. In fact I have worked on a great deal that encourages the best instructors to want to join and stay with the driving school. That is great news for pupils too as the pupil will always receive quality tuition from one of the best instructors in Newbury.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about our prices and packages.

4 thoughts on “The Best Place to Take a Driving Test

  1. Peter was amazing, thank you so much! I passed first time and i’ve never been happier, the best!

  2. Passed my test in Basingstoke with Peter as my instructor, he was very calm, professional and helped me increase my confidence behind the wheel.

    1. Hi Zoe. Thank you for your kind words. See you soon when I pop into McDonald’s for my “cheeky cappu” 🙂

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