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In the last 6 years there have been over 1000 reports made about driving instructors who are not actually qualified to be teaching. Fake instructors are dangerous for a multitude of reasons, such as teaching (or inability to teach against) bad habits. What’s more is that they have not proven that they can conduct themselves safely while teaching a learner, which at worse could endanger both them and their pupil’s lives. Despite the danger, only 18 reports ended with a conviction because of the difficulty in proving that money has moved hands from the learner to the dodgy instructor.

All valid instructors will display an up-to-date badge on their windscreen. The colour of the badge depends on their level of qualification. A green badge indicates that an instructor is fully approved and has frequent DVSA checks. If they display a pink badge, it means that they are training to become fully qualified and can teach for six months to ensure they gain foundational teaching experience. Legally, the badge should contain a unique reference number, an expiry date, and it should include a photographic image of the instructor.

It is impossible to tell just how many unqualified driving instructors, even in smaller towns such as Bolton, might be taking people for a ride. So, it is important that if you are at all suspicious that your driving instructor may not be qualified, you can check using the DVSA supported website: https://www.gov.uk/find-driving-schools-and-lessons.

4 thoughts on “Unlicenced Driving Instructors – Driving Instructors Bolton

  1. Today I passed first time without any minors. I am extremely grateful for Peter as he has taught me how to drive and made me as confident as I am now. It has been a great experience learning to drive with him as he has always been patient and helped me to learn from all of my mistakes. Thank you very much!

  2. Peter taught my sister to drive three years ago and she is an excellent driver. Peter is patient, consistent and thorough in his approach to teaching and made the lessons fun and enjoyable. I passed first time in a town I didn’t know (Winchester) with two minors. Very pleased!

    1. Hi Tom. Thank you for your review. It’s always good to teach siblings and especially good when a pupil can take their driving test in an areas they’re not familiar with and still pass first time. Enjoy your freedom 🙂

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