Learners on the motorway

Driving on the motorway is going to be made possible for learner drivers next year. This is something that will have pros and cons but overall should be a good change.

Motorway driving is very different to regular driving, which is why currently, motorway lessons are offered to drivers who have just passed their test so they can experience it with an instructor by their side. It can be daunting to drive on the motorway for the first time so gaining this experience with a qualified instructor can be seen as being vital for everyone.

The fact that learners will be able to get this experience before passing their test means that they won’t have to go back to an instructor specifically for motorway lessons. This could mean they save money on pass plus lessons. It could also mean that they are actually encouraged to learn on the motorway whereas now some people may try to avoid it altogether as they don’t feel as though they have the experience.

Some people may argue that it is more dangerous to take a learner on the motorway than it is for a new driver. This may be because drivers who have passed their test have better road sense and better general driving ability. It could be quite scary and dangerous for a learner driver to drive on the motorway, however, they will be with an experienced instructor who can make sure that they are ready to do so. This should be a positive change to the way drivers learn and will hopefully benefit everyone on the road.

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