Driving Lessons Newbury- The Theory Test

You can start lessons without having passed your theory, however, taking your theory test is essential before you are able to book your practical test. This can hold people back when wanting to book their driving test as the theory does require some practice meaning you may not be able to get a test date when wanted because there could be a wait for each test. When you feel ready for test you donโ€™t want to then have to go away and pass your theory before just booking a test. we recommend that the theory is booked and passed as soon as possible so that there is no disappointment when trying to book a test.

The theory test consists of multiple choice questions and hazard perception. A lot of pupils either find one or the other easier but both can be easy when practiced enough! Some pupils think that there is no need to practice but there is no point in not practicing and then failing the test. This again will delay the pupil being able to take a practical test and just wastes money. It is much better to put the time into practicing so that you have the best chance of passing. The theory test can take many attempts and a failed test can put people off driving altogether which is not ideal. The more the theory test is put off the easier it is to just not do it and not get a licence.

You can book your theory for your 17th birthday so some pupils prefer to just take the test before they have even started lessons so that it is out of the way. Other pupils learn best when seeing things out on the road so find it useful to be taking lessons whilst they are practicing for the theory. Having the theory passed is a good incentive to start/continue with driving lessons as it runs out in two years meaning that if you have not passed your driving test by then you will need to re-sit the theory test.

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  1. Tomasz is a great teacher, Very organised , very happy to Meet such a good teacher , and thanks im having fun with my car ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. We are glad you were happy with Tomasz as your teacher. Well done for passing and thank you for choosing Peter Skelton Driving School ๐Ÿ™‚

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