Driving School Newbury – New Show Me Tell Me Questions

The new “Show Me Tell Me Questions” which will come into play on 4th December 2017. Below is a video for the “Tell Me” Questions. These will be asked by the examiner at the start of the driving test before the pupil sets off. If a pupil gets a question wrong then it will be a “driver fault” or more commonly known as a “minor mark”.

4 thoughts on “Driving School Newbury – New Show Me Tell Me Questions

  1. Hi Peter! Just a small update: I am driving now from my own since a week, and I feel very confident. At the beginning it was wierd that you weren’t by my side but now I got used to it! i have to tell you that i am so glad that you taught me that way to use clutch control and biting point because now i don’t feel any difference between petrol and diesel car! I feel very good, confident and relaxed. I’m not competitive and I always stick to your golden rules. I am so glad and proud that you’ve been my instructor and helped me pass this big step in my life. I tell everybody how fabulous you are. And i recommend you for everybody. Hope to see you soon and thanks to you I LOVE DRIVING

    1. Hi Andrea.
      I’m so glad that you enjoy driving and that everything that I have taught you is still firmly in your mind. I loved those lessons too. You were a pleasure to teach and thank you for those lessons in Hungarian too. My Hungarian is now “turkeyletsch” 🙂

  2. First Lesson:
    Going into my first lesson I felt very nervous about learning to drive but after a few minutes I felt so much more relaxed. Peter was really calm and patient with me but still pushed me to achieve my best in the lesson time. I cant wait to continue learning over the coming months 🙂

    1. Hi Laura. Thank you so much for your kind words. You made a great start and have continued well on your second lesson 🙂

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