Theory Test Fraudster Jailed – Intensive Driving Lessons Bolton

The theory test can be very anxiety-inducing. You are put in a stuffy room full of other nervous pupils, assigned some dreaded corner where you take, an admittedly, boring quiz of 50 questions. However, an extreme reaction to taking the important test would be to hire someone to take it for you. A 28 year old man, Izmir Senaj, bandaged his face and donned a high-vis jacket in an elaborate disguise so that he could take other people’s theory tests for them. The farcical fraudster would claim that he needed his face covered as he had been involved in worksite accidents, so when the test-centre receptionists asked for ID it was a gamble as to whether his ruse would be believed. It worked on October 11th 2018, in Eastbourne where he assumed the identity of an Albanian man. He gave the work-site accident excuse and was allowed to take the test, which he passed.

Evidently, his powers of deception were not fool-proof, when a staff member at a theory test centre in Swindon recognised Senaj from an internal DVSA appeal poster and called the police which led to the fraudster’s arrest. He has been sentenced for 2 years and 4 months for a string of offences including the recent bout of dress-up.

People may not feel ready for the test, perhaps especially those who have taken intensive driving lessons, but it is necessary. Cheating the system will only ever lead to dangerous consequences for other legitimate road users and to pedestrians across the whole of the UK, including Bolton.