UK Third Strictest Fines in Europe – Semi intensive course Newbury

Prepare yourself for a semi-intensive driving course that examines how countries in Europe fine for different motoring offences:

App creators, Zutobi, has revealed in its new research that the country with the third strictest driving fines in Europe is the UK. Interestingly, Norway beats all with driving fines as high as €5,783 for drink driving, €756 for driving through a red, and €711 for speeding while driving on a motorway.

Albania was found to be the most relaxed in regard to fines, where charges for using a mobile phone behind the wheel is as low as €8. €20 was a minimum for speeding on the motorway. And €10 for driving through a red light. Their highest fine appears to be for driving drunk, which sets people back €175.

The study showed that the country with the highest amount of speed cameras was Italy, with a total of 8,073 spanning the nation. Conversely, Slovakia boasts the lowest, with just 13 speed cameras across the country. Slovakia, as well as Hungary and the Czech Republic have some of the strictest rules regarding drink driving, accepting only 0% alcohol in the blood for someone to be considered a sober driver. The UK is the most lenient in this respect, accepting an alcohol measurement of 0.08%.

It’s interesting to observe the differences in attitudes between European countries. A scary thought would be if each local council dictated the various motoring laws and fines for breaking them. Imagine the different attitudes Newbury might take compared to Thatcham.

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  1. I passed my driving test first time with Peter Skelton! Great teacher and very patient with anxious drivers, but terrible choice in football teams. Highly recommend!

    1. Thank you Mahid for your kind words. I’ll ignore the last bit re football team !!!! Man Utd to finish above Arsenal 23/24 season 🙂
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