Fuel Consumption Figures May Be Misleading

Charlotte Govey - Lambourn - 1st time passThe Advertising Standards Agency says that car advertisements should explain that fuel consumption figures quoted by car manufacturers may not reflect what might be expected from driving in the real world.
In a landmark case one driver who bought an A3 1.6 TDI complained that he was not able to achieve the 68.9mpg that was advertised on the company’s website. He complained that the company’s advert was misleading as he was unable to achieve that figure.
Audi in turn said that the figures did not accurately reflect what may be achieved in the real world but were used ultimately as a comparison between different cars.
The ASA said that these type of figures were generated under test conditions however this was likely to be unclear to the average consumer. It was deemed that the figure breached the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) Codes which covers advertising.
This ruling has now set a precedent and will have implications on all manufactures
There are many factors that affect vehicle performance including; climatic conditions, driving style, loads carried and maintenance standards.
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