Breakdowns in Newbury and Basingstoke

A breakdown on your driving lessons in Newbury is something that can happen to anyone, as happened to one of my pupils who took lessons in his own car. It’s something that thankfully doesn’t happen too often. However when it does it normally takes us by surprise and it’s easy to find that you’re not prepared for it.

In order to reduce the likelihood of a breakdown, be sure to have your car regularly serviced by a reputable garage. Regular services can hopefully eliminate many of the problems that may well cause a breakdown. It can also highlight any potential problems that may need resolving before they become a major problem.

Keep a check on your own car too. A service is normally carried out around 12,000 miles, or 12 months, whichever comes sooner. It also depends on the car when the service takes place. However in between services regularly check things like oil, water, brake fluid which can all be found under the bonnet. Also keep a check of your tyres for correct pressures and tread depth. This includes the spare. Many people are unaware that an illegal spare tyre can give you 3 points on your licence.

When you do breakdown there are a number of things to do. Make sure that you try your best to stop your car in a safe place. If possible, stop the car on the hard shoulder of the motorway or at the side of the road. When you exit the vehicle be careful when you open the door and step out.