Stay Safe in Your Car in Basingstoke and Newbury

Staying safe after you pass your driving test is something that isn’t taught and something that most people don’t even think about. We take driving for granted and can often feel that once we are in our cars we are safe from any danger. We create a bubble around ourselves that we feel is impenetrable.

Women in particular should be aware of where you park your car. You may park your car in the daytime when there may be a lot of people around. However you may return at night when it’s dark and the car park may be virtually deserted.

  1. Try not to park in the furthest corner or the highest floor of a car park.
  2. Reverse into the bay so if you need to make a speedy getaway then it will be easier.
  3. When returning to your car, don’t be distracted by looking at social media on your phone.
  4. Look around and be mindful if you suspect someone may be lurking around.
  5. Have your keys out of your pocket or handbag while walking to your car so that you can quickly unlock the door, get in and lock the door immediately.
  6. If you are really nervous there may be a car park attendant who you could ask to escort you to your vehicle.
  7. If someone wants your phone, wallet, handbag etc then give it to them. Your life is worth more than your possessions.

This is only one aspect of staying safe when driving. There are many other scenarios that we need to look at which we will cover on another post.

6 thoughts on “Stay Safe in Your Car in Basingstoke and Newbury

  1. I’ve never seen myself a driver and when I felt that the moment for a driving licence is mandatory needed to have for work propose, I was really terrified. Starting the first driving lessons when I’ve felt I have my legs like “wood sticks”, my instructor Louise gave me lots of confidence that I can do this with no problems. She was very patient even when I was doing very dangerous mistakes. Besides the fact that she is a very good driver, she is also an excellent teacher with very good communication skills. I think I couldn’t have a better instructor who could match with my style. Louise encouraged me each time and helped me a lot to pass my emotions, thing which was very important for me to get use to drive by my own decisions. I still don’t believe that I passed the test at my first attempt and I’am very grateful to Louise for her hard work with me and I highly recommend her for future learners.

    1. Hi Andreea. Thank you for not only your kind words but also your well thought and heart felt comments regarding your experience with your driving instructor Louise. I’m so glad that she was able to match her teaching to your preferred style which is something we very much encourage. Good luck with your future driving. Peter 🙂

  2. I’m thankful to have such an understanding and patient instructor like Tomasz. He is an excellent instructor who gave lots of tips and advice, explaining my doubts on the driving issues thoroughly and won’t let you end the lesson without fully understanding. Not only will be ensure that I am fully prepared for the test, he is also a great motivator throughout the driving obstacles I had. Thanks Tomasz and Peter Skelton for introducing him. I fully recommend lessons with him.

    1. Hi Sabby. Thank you very much for your review and we are glad that not only you chose Peter Skelton Driving School but that you also enjoyed your lessons with your instructor Tomasz.

  3. I had my lessons with Peter and passed first time. I have done lessons with other instuctors before but no one is like Peter.
    Peter is an amazing instsructor, patient, polite and with a brilliant sense of humor.
    You make the lessons so productive, enjoyable and what is the most important you helped me to drive with confidence.
    Cannot recommend highly enough !!!
    Thanks Peter, you’re the BEST !!!

    1. Hi Neida. Your words are very kind. Thank you for being a great student. Always prepared to listen and learn and also great company too 🙂

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