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Approximately 33% of new cars that are sold in Norway in 2018 were electric. Will there soon be a time when Newbury will make the same switch with more people not only turning to electric but in turn turning to automatic driving lessons

In Norway they have a target of zero emissions from new cars by 2025. By the looks of it they are well on the way to achieve this.

In 2013, only 5 years earlier, the sales of electric cars was 5.5%, by 2017 it was 20.8%, showing significant growth in sales. These figures show the country as world leaders in “clean” cars in terms of cars sold per head of population.

Currently the government has made EV’s exempt from most taxes as well as free parking and free charge points.

Incredible is the fact that Norway are the largest oil and gas producers and yet they are looking for a much greener country.

Around 148,000 cars were sold last year and two thirds were powered by fossil fuels and an internal combustion engine. However, overall sales in 2018 were down by around 7% on the previous year. The biggest losers were diesel car sales which fell by 28%.

If you include sales of hybrids that have the ability to be “plugged in” and charged then the sales of electric cars is more like 39%. In contrast countries like China have 2.2% electric cars with the United States only having 1.2%

In Sweden they have tested the first road that charges cars as they drive which is reckoned to be the first of its kind in the world. In the UK we are a little further behind the market leaders however we are slowly making in-roads to a cleaner country. In Newbury the infrastructure is slowly building with more charge points being installed all the time. So please contact us on more information on automatic driving lessons.

6 thoughts on “Automatic Driving Lessons Newbury and Thatcham

  1. Had Peter for my lessons helps you learn everything properly before your test, passed quickly and good value for money.

    1. Hi Tom. Thank you very much for your review. I hope you get your car and insurance sorted quickly 🙂

  2. After previously trying with another driving school in Newbury, I came back from university and took lessons with Peter. He hugely helped to improve my confidence, which was initially quite low. He has a friendly manner and was so easy to get along with. I thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with him and would highly recommend him to anyone! I passed first time with only 1 minor – something I never thought possible before. Thanks for everything Peter

    1. Hi Penny. What a great bit of feedback. I enjoyed every moment teaching you. You know you’ve made it in life when you feature in #sundayispunday 🙂

  3. Peter is polite, tolerant and a great teacher helping me not only to pass my test first time but also to drive safely and confidently.

    1. Hi Oscar. Thank you and well done on a really good drive and a great first time pass 🙂

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