Top 100 Best Driving Instructor of The Year 2021

Intelligent Instructor Awards

So here we are still in lockdown, unable to work for the past 3 months here in Newbury and the surrounding areas. This lockdown will look like it’s not going to end to soon either. Yet the “Intelligent Instructor” awards for “The Best Instructor of The Year 2021” has still taken place. I’m so excited to announce that I have made the shortlist of the top 100 instructors out of a total of around 39,000 instructors in Britain for “Best Instructor of The Year 2021”.


This shortlist is for individual instructors and I am honoured to have made it this far. However for me this achievement is more of a reflection of Peter Skelton Driving School than just me as an individual.


We strive for high standards during all driving lessons. We work hard to make sure that learning has taken place on each and every lesson. We like to coach our customers rather than instruct them. This empowers them to make decisions about their learning. Not only what they wish to learn but also the pace of learning.


For a new learner who has never driven before we like to choose how they wish to progress with their driving lessons. This is normally achieved by tailoring the lessons to the customers own learning style. Customers fall into 4 groups; visual, auditory, read/write or kinaesthetic.


Please contact us to find out our waiting times for driving lessons and to book your first lesson. We are here to answer any questions that you may have about all aspects of driving.