When Will Driving Lessons Resume

Phil - 1st time pass - 4 minor marks

So tonight we heard from the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, that lockdown for driving schools should happen in stage 2 which should be on 12th April. We have had to wait a long time before we could get back to teaching. This is frustrating not just for driving instructors but for our customers too.


Our customers include all the people we were teaching before the last lockdown. However they also include all the young people who have turned 17 during this lockdown and who are keen to start learning to drive. So when we start teaching again there really will be a backlog to get through.


So when we finally get back to teaching I can see Peter Skelton Driving School pulling out all the stops to try to accommodate every customer. However one thing you may need to consider is the fact that there may well be a wait for driving test dates. Unless the DVSA can find some new examiners quite quickly then it will take a while to clear this backlog unfortunately.


In the meantime, if you haven’t passed your theory test yet, now is the time to start revising. Now is the time to try and get a date booked. You will have around 2 months at least before you get a theory test date so why not use your time wisely and start revising.


When we return to lessons we will be looking to have some exciting training aids to help our customers. We will looking to add some “how to drive videos”. These videos won’t be a replacement to driving lessons but will act as a teaching aid to give you some knowledge before you tackle a subject e.g. roundabouts. They will also help to act as a revision aid. After a lesson it can be hard to remember all the information you have been given. However, having a video to watch on the subject will help to cement all the information into your mind.

2 thoughts on “When Will Driving Lessons Resume

  1. I have just passed my driving test with Peter as my instructor and I would highly recommend his driving school to anyone who wants to receive serious training in order to pass his test.

    It was an emergency test as I am a critical worker. On the rather short notice of 10 days before my test Peter helped me tremendously by adequately preparing me for the test. He explained all my mistakes through logic and mathematics which helped me understand them and correct them. He was also very supportive with my working schedule and provided excellent flexibility with the lessons.

    Thank you very much Peter, I am most grateful.

    1. Hi Phil. Thank you for your kind words. It was good to teach you during lockdown as a critical worker. We didn’t have much time but we got the result with a first time pass.

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