Rob Peacock – Driving School Newbury

Rob Peacock - Driving Instructor Newbury
Well done Rob Peacock from Newbury on your first 3 driving lessons. Having covered general driving on the first lesson, on the second lesson we moved onto; Parallel Park, Turn in The Road and The Left reverse. On lesson 3 we covered the dual carriageway. Looking forward to The Bay Park and the tricky Sainsbury’s and Robin Hood roundabouts on the next lesson.

2 thoughts on “Rob Peacock – Driving School Newbury

  1. Thanks Peter! I feel like I’ve learnt so much already. So much so that my Mum is happy to let me drive her car. Looking forward to the challenges of future lessons and hopefully passing first time.

    1. Hi Rob. Glad to hear that your out driving with your mum as that can help speed up your learning. Please remember that your mum is more than welcome to sit in on any lessons to see how you’re getting on and to help her learn too.

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