Pupils – Book Your Theory Test

BOOK YOUR THEORY TEST!!!! There it is in bold writing. So what’s the panic? Why the bold statement? Well….. booking the theory test as soon as possible is definitely the best thing to do. I ask pupils when I first speak to them on the phone “Have you booked or passed your theory test yet?” If the answer is “No” then I tell them to buy the books and dvds and book the theory test for around 3 weeks time. They should do that even before the pupil has had their first lesson. The reason being is that if the pupil progresses quickly then it will only hold up booking the driving test. You see you can’t book the driving test until the theory is passed. I have had some pupils in the past, before I was alot more alert to this, who even though I told them to book the theory as soon as possible, kept delaying booking it. So there they are progressing nicely with their lessons and I say to them “I think you should book your test for a few weeks time” to which they reply “I haven’t booked my theory yet!!!!” Imagine my frustration. So then the pupil either stops having lessons until the theory is passed and start getting a bit rusty or they keep having lessons and end up spending more then they need to. Either scenario is not great. So the moral of the story is “Don’t delay, book it today”.