Mellissa Cooper – Driving School Newbury

Well done Mellissa Cooper from Reading on your first driving lesson in Newbury. Having driven before we looked at improving your gear changes, emerging in and out of junctions and roundabouts. We also looked at learning the “Turn in The Road” and the “Parallel Park”.

2 thoughts on “Mellissa Cooper – Driving School Newbury

  1. Thank you, Peter! I really enjoyed my first lesson! 4 hours went by in a breeze! You are very patient and put me at ease straight away. Just small changes to my approach to driving led to a massive improvement by the end of the lesson. Hopefully, with a few more lessons with you, I will be test ready in the next few weeks!

    1. Hi Mellissa. Well done on your first lesson. You certainly improved measurably towards the end. Looking forward to getting you to test standard 🙂

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