Driving School Newbury- Under 17 Driving Lessons

Being able to drive when you’re 17 is a great way to gain some independence. There are so many advantages to being able to drive and we believe you don’t need to wait until you’re 17 to gain vital experience. There is so much you need to learn about safety and driving in general that you can never start too soon.

We are now able to offer off-road driving lessons to young people under the age of 17! This is a great opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding of cars and safety when driving. It’s also a very fun and exciting experience for young people who have an interest in cars and are keen to get on the roads when they are 17. Gaining the basic knowledge of cars and driving can be done on or off-road, so learning at a younger age than 17 means it could be possible to start driving on your own much earlier when you start to learn on the road.

They say you never forget how to ride a bike and a lot of people learn this when they are young. Some say the same for driving so why not learn the basics while you’re young, and don’t have the stress of exams or university applications etc. Not having many distractions can make it easier to retain information you learn with Under 17 Driving Lessons.

We are excited to be able to offer vouchers for lessons which would make a great present for anyone under the age of 17!

8 thoughts on “Driving School Newbury- Under 17 Driving Lessons

  1. Really loved the first lesson.
    Peter was excellent at guiding me through the basics of driving and was incredibly calm and and accommodating.
    After this lesson I felt a lot more comfortable in a car and I can definitely recommend Peter as an instructor!

    1. Well done Matt on a good start and glad that you felt relaxed. Good luck with your theory test 🙂

  2. Peter is the second instructor I’ve gone to and immediately I can tell he is so much more experienced in teaching. His instructions are clearer and methods are over all much better. I felt much more comfortable in the first lesson.

    1. Hi Rhian.
      You’ve made very quick progress learning all four manoeuvres in your first two lessons. Hopefully booking your test for the next few weeks time.

  3. Before I started at Peter Skelton Driving School with Tomasz, I have had a few driving lessons with another driving school which caused me to lose all of my confidence. I thought I would never learn how to drive and then one of my friends recommended Tomasz. In my first lesson with Tomasz, I was so nervous and scared to drive but he helped me to calm down and teach me everything step by step from scratch. He is an excellent instructor, he is patient and calm. He helped me to understand the logic behind the rules by explaining them very well and with patience, he helped me to feel very confident when driving. Now I am really enjoying driving. He is a great observer as well, he didn’t miss any mistake I had done during the lessons and he also knew what I was thinking when I did the mistakes! 🙂 I feel so lucky and happy to have had him as my instructor. And as a result, I passed my driving test on my first attempt! 🙂 I would recommend Tomasz and Peter Skelton Driving School (actually already recommended for so many of my friends) for everyone and I can’t thank Tomasz enough for his patience and effort!

    1. Thank you Nese for you great feedback and we wish all the best with your driving. Thank you too for all your recommendations to your friends 🙂

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