Driving School Newbury – Ethel Nzombe

Driving School Newbury - Ethel NzombeWell done Ethel Nzombe from Thatcham on passing your driving test in Newbury with only 1 minor mark on your first attempt. I will certainly miss you saying “Ohhhh My Godddd!!!!” everytime you made a mistake 🙂

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  1. If you think you are hopeless at driving a HIGHLY RECOMMEND you call Peter and book some lessons!!!!! I had driving lessons before with 2 different instructors, one taught me bad driving habits and the other was unreliable so when I met Peter I was quite discouraged an super nervous about even managing to move a car. I passed first time with only one minor.

    Really pleased with Peter’s teaching, through, everything is explained until you get it and no wasting time, no messing about !! This was really good because I felt like my previous instructors were sometimes not pushing me hard enough because the more mistakes I made the more lessons I booked so they would get more money. But none of that with Peter, he pushed me to get things right first time round and explained to me what I got wrong and why so l don’t keep making the same mistakes. And if you look at the gear stick you will get pen lines drawn on you hand!

    I booked my lessons in blocks. Very good value for money, especially as I was quite terrible at driving when we started! He literally had to re-teach me everything and remove my terrible driving habits I had been taught before by others! Thank you again Peter x!!!

    1. Hi Ethel. Thanks for your great feedback. Great drive and you managed to pass on your first attempt with only 1 minor mark just 2 days before your theory expired 🙂

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