Driving Lessons Pangbourne – Whitchurch Toll Bridge

Pangbourne Toll Bridge
Great lesson driving to Pangbourne only to discover a toll bridge!!!! No one told me about that!!!! Was the quickest 3 point turn you had ever seen (done safely of course).

Apparently the bridge has existed since the Whitchurch Bridge Act of 1792. Originally there was a ferry that carried people across the Thames from Pangbourne in Berkshire to the banks of Oxfordshire. The bridge was constructed by Mr Treacher, a man well known for constructions around the Thames at that time. When the bridge first opened it was to be used by “horses, foot passengers and all kinds of cattle”.

Today not many horses or cattle in sight, but instead a number of cars. The lesson was something different today. A drive through the country roads of Newbury and the surrounding areas. I really had no intension of venturing over the bridge in Oxfordshire. Thankfully when we spotted the toll, the road was clear in both directions and a quick three point turn was in order. I dread to think what would have happened if there had been a long line of cars in both directions. I would have probably ended up a few quid out of pocket 🙂