Driving Lessons Newbury – Driving in the dark

Driving in the dark is very different from driving during the day. The most obvious reason being that your visibility is largely reduced and everything can be much harder to see. Street lights and headlights all help to assist with night time driving but there will still be roads that aren’t well lit and things you cannot see. This means you will have to be extra alert and make sure that you are aware of what is around you at all times as some things may take a little longer than normal to notice because of the reduced visibility.

Newbury is small area and even though at night the roads may be a bit quieter at some times or in certain areas, this doesn’t mean you can drive how you want. Some people may think they can get away with breaking some rules because there is no one else around. This is very dangerous because there are still cars on the road and the dangers of speeding or drifting over the white lines are still just as bad as when it is daylight and the roads are busy. If you break the speed limit because you think there is no one else around, you can still lose control of the car or run in to unexpected danger. For example a pedestrian may think it’s safe to cross a road as there are no cars around and it’s quiet but if you are travelling above the speed limit you may not have a chance to stop by the time you see them.

A lot of Newbury’s surrounding areas have country roads. Driving on country roads in the dark is especially dangerous as they are not well-lit and often do not have enough space for two cars travelling in opposite directions at one time. They may also be very bendy. All of these factors create a very difficult driving environment, so it is important that people drive with caution and are aware they may need to travel much slower around bends and be able to slow down for oncoming vehicles so that either one can give way. It is good to practice these different areas with your instructor so that you gain confidence with help and don’t need to avoid driving in the dark or on country roads when driving independently.

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