Driving Lessons in a Toyota Yaris

After many weeks of being in lockdown Peter Skelton Driving School are back to teaching again. My new Toyata Yaris is proving to be a real winner with pupils. With a 1.5 litre petrol engine it has great acceleration which at times can be an important requirement especially pulling away quickly at roundabouts and joining the dual carriageway.

My first pupil after lockdown, Annie Smith, said “Simply the best car! Very smooth to drive in and with modern additions that make reversing easier”. New pupil, Ashley Johnson, said “I like how smooth the Toyota Yaris is to drive and it’s such a pleasure to learn in.” Another new pupil who had driven before said “It’s really smooth and responsive and easy to get to grips with.” One of my old pupils who had previously driven my old car which was a Peugeot 208 said of the Yaris “The car is quite comfortable and the visibility is good within the car.”

One of my other instructors Pete Burke said “The reversing camera is a welcome addition to aide all round visibility”.

The car offers many great features such as a comfortable driving position, great acceleration, large mirrors for greater visibility, cruise control & speed limiter and great all round visibility.

The first week back at work was difficult after such a long break and getting used to thoroughly cleaning the car in between lessons. However now I’m up and running it will be good to get driving tests booked again to enable pupils to gain their independence.

So I’m looking to all my pupils to name my new car. The car can be male, female or gender neutral. Tell me the name and your reasons for the choice in the comments box below. I’ll announce the winning name next week.

6 thoughts on “Driving Lessons in a Toyota Yaris

  1. I think the car should be named the Greyhound as it’s grey and is mastered by its pupils and teacher very well!

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