Driving Lessons After Christmas Lockdown

first day back after lockdown

So Peter Skelton Driving School are finally back after a long lockdown over the 2020 Christmas. Now into 2021, driving lessons resumed on 12th April. It has been a long wait but worth it.

We have been joined by a new instructor Muba Eminovs based in Newbury who will be joining Tomasz Muryn in teaching automatic driving lessons. A great start for Muba as his first driving test of the year was a first time pass with “Zero” minor marks. Pete Burke too had a first time pass. I myself taught a pupil during lockdown who was a critical worker who also obtained a first time pass. SO so far a 100% pass rate.

It has been a frustrating time for out learners with many of them having to retake their theory tests as some had expired. Some have had their driving tests cancelled multiple times. Some of our learners have tests booked for the soon after lockdown was lifted and they haven’t had any driving experience for months. We have had to work hard to accommodate everyone to get them up to standard quickly without compromising safety.

We are also experiencing a lot of new enquiries too. Firstly that is because a lot of new learners who turned 17 during lockdown are eager to get started. Secondly the reputation of the driving school is growing with our commitment to high standards.

Moving forward we are aiming to bring the backlog down by working hard with our pupils to get them to test standard and hopefully a first time pass. That will help clear the way for those waiting on our list. So please be patient, we will get to you as soon as possible.