Clean Cars on Driving Lessons Basingstoke

Clean Driving School Car

Clean Car on Driving Lessons Basingstoke

Peter Skelton Driving School always takes pride in the services we provide to our customers. That reflects in how we teach, how we present ourselves in a professional manner, our pass rate and also the cleanliness of our cars.


The car is our office and it reflects us so much as a driving school. So an unwashed car and dusty interior says that we don’t care about ourselves, our customers or our standards. Keeping the car clean is a must for any self-respecting driving school on both the inside and outside.


On a driving test too it portrays a good image to the examiner. This week we had a driving test in Basingstoke, the learner passed first time and gave one of instructors a great review.


At the end of a long week the car can look pretty grubby. Annoyingly it can look very bad after a few hours if the weather is very wet. The outside can have lots of mud splashed up the sides and the mats in the foot wells can have lots of wet and dirty marks and also leaves can stick to your shoes as you get in and out of the car. It can be a lot of hassle trying to keep up with the cleaning.


For myself I like to allow enough time in between lessons to always clean the inside between lessons. This is particularly important right now due to Covid. However it’s something that is important from a customer point of view as well. The customer wants to feel happy and comfortable whilst on lessons.


I love taking my car for a thorough clean to the local hand car wash. They do a much better job both inside and outside than I could to be honest and for me it gives me time to catch up with my diary and messages.


For my learners to, it’s good to encourage good practices. For example dirty mirrors and windscreens can reflect sunlight and make it harder to see. Dirty headlight and tail lights make you less visible to others.

4 thoughts on “Clean Cars on Driving Lessons Basingstoke

  1. Peter, what a amazing driving instructor!!! I feel so so happy to have passed my driving test FIRST TIME!!!! I think only Peter could have made me such a good driver with his instructions!! I would recommend to anyone I see!! Thank you so so much Peter and keep being the best!!

  2. Thank you Muba Eminovs for your hard work, all support and patience. Ive passed my exam on my first attempt with 2 minors. Highly reccomend 🙂

    1. Hi Karolina. Well done on a great result and I’m so glad that Muba was able to help you realise your dream and pass your driving test 🙂

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