Driving in The Snow

Driving in severe and difficult weather conditions can be a real challenge. It’s possible for vehicles to get stuck in the snow possibly meaning that the occupants may have to spend the night in the car. Below is some sound advice on preparing your car for bad driving conditions and what you should do if you become stranded:

  • Make sure your tyres have at least 3mm of tread for extra grip. If possible fit winter tyres to the drive wheels as these will grip the road much better than conventional tyres
  • Batteries can run down quicker in cold weather so make sure that you top it up or get it checked at a garage before any long journeys
  • Make sure that your fuel is always topped up. That way if you do get stranded you will still be able to keep the engine running to stay warm. Alternatively if you have to make a lengthy detour you will have enough fuel to make it home
  • Keep screenwash topped up and to the correct concentration for the cold conditions
  • Make sure the windows and lights are cleared before starting your journey. Don’t use hot water as this make crack the windscreen and will only freeze again shortly afterwards
  • Make sure you pack enough clothing in case you get stuck; hat, coat, scarf, gloves and strong boots. Also pack blankets and food in the car in case you’re stuck for a long time. Make sure your mobile is fully charged and also put a shovel in the boot in case you have to dig yourself out
  • Finally, only make your journey if absolutely necessary. The emergency and recovery services have a tough enough time as it is in the winter months without us adding to their problems unnecessarily