Driving Schools in Basingstoke Save Money on Fuel in Lockdown

During the lockdown we saw a somewhat revolutionary move from long commute to work to short walks from the bed to the desk as many people transitioned to a completely remote set-up. Evidently, this meant that a lot of people’s routines no longer involved driving, and transport services such as taxis and trains were no longer viable, and driving schools in Basingstoke and elsewhere, had to temporarily shut up shop.

According to the Office of National Statistics it was in fact around 46.6% of the UK’s workforce that were no longer on the busy commute to and from work, which works out to about 13.5 million workers. Findandfundmycar.com found that the lack of traffic on UK roads between March and August last year resulted in drivers saving more than £1 billion on fuel. Their survey illustrated that over half the population chose to put this money into their savings, with the rest able to spend what they had saved into the higher bills accrued from working at home. It also showed that there seems to be long-lasting shift in attitude towards the morning commute:

43% of drivers said that the lockdown has made them more mindful of their carbon footprint, and would prefer to cause less pollution via personal transport in future. 55% said the additional time was a boon. Head of findandfundmycar.com, Phil Morgan said that ‘the amount of time and money that can be saved or spent elsewhere from not commuting is great, and it really helps employees get a better work life balance.’

8 thoughts on “Driving Schools in Basingstoke Save Money on Fuel in Lockdown

  1. Peter is the best instructor! He built up my confidence so much and taught me to drive in three months, with a first time pass. I also had a few lessons with Pete and Louise; everyone was so supportive, encouraging and patient! Couldn’t recommend Peter Skelton Driving School enough!

  2. I’ve recently had the pleasure and the luck to work with Tomasz. We spend a couple of sessions driving through Newbury and around it with the goal of becoming acquainted with the “driving on the other side” as I come from abroad. What originally seemed to be a mission impossible it immediately become something natural, smooth and pleasant. This is not because I’m a talented driver, but because Tomasz is a very gifted and the most patient trainer. I would encourage anyone that needs a boost of confidence just to try a single journey with Tomasz. Thank you very much, Tomasz! Angel

    1. Hi Angel. Thank you so much for your kind words and am glad that your experience with Tomasz was a good one and he was able to help deal with driving in the UK.

  3. Passed my test today first try with Peter as my instructor, he was a brilliant instructor and I only got one minor after 3 months of driving

  4. Peter has taught all four of our children (2 boys and 2 girls), all of whom have had very different personalities. They all really enjoyed learning with Peter and all passed their test in under 4 months. He is calm, patient and consistent and developed effective trust with all of our children giving them the confidence to pass. I am pleased to say they have all been safe on the roads since! We would definitely recommend him! Thank you Peter.

    1. Hi Sandy. It was a pleasure teaching all 4 of your children. They definitely all had different personalities but all were courteous and keen to learn. Looking forward now to the grandchildren one day 🙂

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