What Exactly Tends to Make Some Motorists Great?

Learner drivers quite often ask us, whilst on driving lessons around Newbury, “What Makes Some Drivers Great?” Within this mini series we are going to go over the traits required to for being a fantastic driver and we seek to look at these in the following few blogs. There are half a dozen elements you need to be described as a superb motorist:

  • Self Discipline
  • Concentration
  • Knowledge
  • Anticipation
  • Attitude
  • Skill

So let’s examine these factors and let’s choose one randomly. We will choose concentration.


Concentration isn’t being preoccupied from any task that you have performed, in this example, driving a vehicle. Most people who begin learning to drive a car are in the under 19 year old range. Most of them will likely be undertaking “A” levels. As a result if you’re focused on your exams that are coming up instead of your driving you are prone to make more driving errors You may be planning what you’ll wear to a birthday party or whether or not your school tennis team could win the league this year. It’s ok to think of these things, however, not while you are driving a vehicle.

You may be a home owner who has got living expenses to pay or possibly a supervisor who puts demands on you to accomplish results. Put all of these out of your mind whilst you are driving. A delivery driver is perhaps concerned about whether or not Southampton will win the league next season. Just as before don’t consider that while you are motoring.

It only takes a second for an crash to come about. Precisely how would you really feel if you happen to hit a small child. It is possible to argue that the person should not have been there, nonetheless you could still stop the collision with very good concentration. Try giving your own running commentary whilst you’re motoring. If carrying other passengers in your car, they then can say anything you could have missed.

You could feel a tad ridiculous commentary driving however you will identify that you will start noticing a lot more than you had previously. By concentrating then collisions are less likely to happen.

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