Weekend Intensive Driving Courses

Weekend Intensive courses are often very appealing to learners looking to pass their test quickly. Whether it is just excitement to get on the road or to pass before a deadline say for a job.

If you in a bit of a hurry to pass your practical driving test and get yourself on the road, then we can offer you an intensive driving course specifically tailored to your needs. An intensive course can be useful if you are completely new to driving or wishing to brush up before a retest. A weekend course can vary from 1 or more weekends with 6 to 8 hours per day. We are more than happy to be as flexible as necessary.

Unlike many driving schools that specialise in intensive driving courses, we will provide you with a 2 hour assessment lesson. That way your instructor will not only be able to assess your current standards but will be able to advise you in regards to what type of course is best for you.

Our courses will be designed around your needs and current ability. It will take into account your level of natural ability not only to drive but to absorb new and fresh information. Everyone learns differently and at different speeds and we will adapt each course to your needs.

We can if necessary book your theory test for you and provide you with free theory training. We can also book your practical driving test for you as well if you haven’t already done so.

Regardless of how many hours you take or over what time period, we will ensure that you have the skills necessary not only to pass your driving test but to be a safe and competent driver on UK’s busy roads.

6 thoughts on “Weekend Intensive Driving Courses

  1. Had my first driving lesson in seven years last week, initially nervous at first to start driving again but slowly shook it off thanks to Peter. He tailors the lessons to your own pace while providing a calm learning environment and is clear in giving instructions. Look forward to learning with him more next week!!

    1. Hi Tim.
      Well done on a good first lesson. A great start and having passed your theory already we will look to get the test booked asap.

  2. So happy to have passed first time! Peter was always very calm and patient, explained things clearly and encouraged me to believe that I could do it. Very reliable and would highly recommend. Thank you!

    1. Hi Maddie.
      Congratulations on passing your driving test. So unlucky that your test was cancelled due to the snow we have in march. However it was a good first time pass and looking forward to some motorway lessons.

  3. Recently passed my test first time after having lessons with Peter for two weeks. His calm and patient approach made the experience a whole lot easier, and really helped me get over my initial fear of driving. I would thoroughly recommend Peter to anyone who wants to see real progress in their driving ability, and be test ready in the quickest time possible. Thanks again Peter.

    1. Hi Chris. It was a pleasure to teach you. Intensive courses aren’t for everyone, however you worked hard you managed to pass first time. I hope you enjoy driving by yourself 🙂

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