Using Your Horn – Semi-Intensive Driving Lessons Thatcham

It’s too early. The sun has barely graced Thatcham’s skies and you’re on a semi-intensive driving lesson. Some sleep-driving so-and-so cuts you up. You’re not sure whether it was ignorance or out-right selfishness that motivated their behaviour, but you relieve some of your pent-up rage with a prolonged toot from your car horn, which hurt your hand as you smashed your palm onto the wheel. Now every other driver in the immediate vicinity is aware that the person in front of you is an idiot. So, it was worth it, right? Maybe not. Especially if you use your horn between 11:30pm and 7am in a built-up area – which is identified by the 30mph limit and the presence of streetlights.

The Highway Code states that the horn should only be used to alert others of danger on the road, including when another vehicle poses a threat. It specifically states that it should not be used to indicate how angry you are. If a passing police officer were to chalk your tooting up to road-rage the consequences could be costly. If the incident were escalated to court, you could be charged up to a £1000 fine. Your road rage could also get you three to nine points on your license if your actions were deemed as ‘Driving without reasonable consideration for other drivers’.

If your driving instructor sees you building these kinds of bad habits, expect them to give you a few words on the dangers of road-rage, as it can seriously affect your judgement behind the wheel and could land you in a bit of hot water.