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Research conducted by the AA Driving School has revealed that, if they had to retake their Theory Test, one in ten drivers are not confident in the certainty that they would pass. The survey also showed that around 80% of UK motorists felt confident that they would pass a practical test, but an alarming 20% shared a lack of confidence on what their result would be. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it was drivers aged 18-24 that declared themselves most confident that they would pass given a test retake, but of course this age group is the one with most newly qualified drivers. Motorists aged 55-64 showed the least amount of confidence of any age group in passing both the practical and theory test, possibly reflecting how long ago their original test took place.

A previous poll by the AA showed that 81% of drivers rarely referred back to The Highway Code, with 30% stating that they had not looked at The Highway Code since passing either type of driving test. I would hope that more drivers would look at it now that the government has issued amendments to the code regarding smart motorways, but I will not hold my breath. It is a tough thing to ensure, but instructors need to encourage learners on driving lessons to continually update their knowledge on the rules of the road, especially as our driving habits are changing in reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic and to the environment crises. We will all feel safer on Newbury’s roads when we are confident in the confidence of other drivers.

8 thoughts on “Unconfident About Driving – Driving Lessons Newbury

  1. Today has been the most amazing DAY!!!!
    I have passed my driving test and all Thanks to Peter!!!
    I can’t thank him enough for all his patience with me!!!
    He is the best instructor I have had!!
    Very calm, responsible and fun at the same time!
    He made my experience stress free and he would explain things over and over again!!!

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards


  2. Huge thank you to my instructor Peter Skelton who made me feel comfortable and confident, passing first time. I highly recommend him and really enjoyed learning!

  3. `I’m so happy that I managed to pass and I could not have done it without my instructor Louise who was very calm even during some of my roughest moments on the road
    Thank you so much

    1. Hi Bella. Thank you so much for your kind words regarding your experience of learning not only with our driving school but also your experience of learning with Louise 🙂

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