Tom Prendergast – 1st driving lessons Newbury

Tom Prendergast - 1st Driving Lessons NewburyWell done Tom Prendergast from Lambourn on your first driving lesson in Newbury. We managed to cover moving off and stopping, up hill & downhill starts, meeting traffic, turning & emerging in and out of junctions and roundabouts. You di well on the first lesson but just remember that the more you try and rush the more likely you are to stall. Looking forward to the next lesson. Peter 🙂

2 thoughts on “Tom Prendergast – 1st driving lessons Newbury

  1. Thanks 🙂 hopefully I’ll get the hang of the clutch next lesson so I won’t be stalling quite so much haha

    1. Hi Tom. Indeed, I think once you overcome those initial nerves that so many first time drivers have I think you will progress very quickly 🙂

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