Safer roads for the vulnerable – Newbury and Basingstoke

The Department of Transport has set out it’s plans to help protect vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists and also to combat road rage in a 2 year plan. The Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy called upon 14,000 people on their opinions on what needs to be done to improve road safety for everyone.

New legislation would give local authorities the ability to tackle parking in cycle lanes and have the power to spend 15% of their budget designated for transport on walking and cycling. The Department of Transport will appoint people specifically to improve the infrastructure for all road users.

Another plan is to introduce discounts on insurance companies for drivers and motorcyclists who pass a “Bikeability” test. The plan will also explore extra training to courier drivers to better deal with; horse riders, cyclists and pedestrians.

A new office will also be set up to look at any video evidence submitted by the public in terms of dash cam footage which possibly highlights bad driving.

The road safety officer, Jesse Norman, said “the protection of vulnerable road users was essential”. She also went on to say “We want to encourage healthy exercise, reduce stress and obesity and improve the air quality. This will in turn boost the economy and productivity on the high streets.”

Two charities “Brake” and “Living Streets” have welcomed the new initiatives and have provided invaluable evidence to support the government’s plans. Joshua Harris from Brake said “Cyclists and walkers need to feel safe in a welcoming environment. This form of travel is not only good for a person’s health but is great for everyone’s health too.” He went on to say “People need to feel safe enough on their bikes so that they will leave their cars at home.”

A spokes person for “Living Streets” said “We need any opportunity we can find to make our roads safer. Sometimes pedestrian and cyclists pay the ultimate price for using roads that should be made safe for all.”

Improvements to the highway code and how driving is taught at grass roots level will also go a long way to improve safety for all. Lowering speed limits in urban areas, longer time for pedestrians at crossings will also go a long way to improve safety on our roads.

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