Safe Driving After The Driving Test

So the day has come. You have finally passed your driving test! The feeling of happiness and a massive weight lifted off your shoulders is immense. All those months of lessons and all of the money that you have spent has finally given you something that every young person craves…. “Independence and freedom”! 

With the independence and freedom also comes a lot of responsibility. It will be the first time that you will have driven a car by yourself. It will be the first time that you will drive without anyone next to you telling you what to do. You will have to make every decision by yourself. Some of the decisions that you will have to make may be to deal with things that you may not have encountered before e.g. emergency vehicles, a real life emergency stop or parking in the real world either in a busy car park or between two cars.

However there may also be things you may encounter that may not always be scary like your first drive to McDonalds! It’s nearly always the first place young drivers go when they pass their driving test. In fact it’s something that I sometimes include on a lesson if a pupil wants to. The reason for that is that it’s part of real life driving. Some of the McDonald’s drive-throughs can be tight for space and can cause pupils to potentially hit the kerb or worse still clip a metal post as they negotiate a bend. These sort of skills are often overlooked on driving lessons but they offer a great lesson. What’s more the pupil gets a McFlurry of whatever else they want, on me! More importantly I get a “cheeky cappu” !


  1. Just passed my driving test and absolutely thrilled! Thank you Peter Skelton for the excellent instruction and helping me to pass on the first try!