Reduce your Car Insurance with an In-Car Camera

A new camera system is available that is designed for your car. This new camera records everything that happens while driving and keeps information about any journey that a driver has taken. The system has been designed for young drivers so that they can go to any insurance company and prove that they can drive correctly and most importantly safely. The average insurance cost for a driver under the age of 25 is a massive £2,300.

The camera is in effect an eye witness and will show why any accidents have happened. The system is very reliable and will go a long way to find out who was at fault for any accidents that may occur. That in turn will make it easier for any compensation, police investigations and losses on insurance.

The other benefit to having the camera installed is that it will help to know if the car has been stolen and will help to catch the thief and take appropriate court action.

One question raised is whether the camera can record a break in. In other words will it record even when the engine is off. If it can record with the engine off again it will help put someone behind bars and help find out what has been stolen.

The cameras cost around £320. When you consider the large cost of insurance, the cost of the camera only adds to the hefty costs. The cost of the camera does also include a high viz jacket, a warning triangle and a hazard warning light. These extras are something that all drivers should have but very few do. There would also be a cost to install the high definition camera in your car and is designed not to be obstructive to the driver.

The camera should be seen as an investment. Once it is fitted in the car it will stay there for the duration of the ownership of the car. Therefore over the course of ownership the £320 will become a small annual cost. Add to that the saving on car insurance, the camera will become a great money saver.