Pupil Reviews 2017

Below are some of our many testimonials from pupils who took driving lessons and passed their driving tests in 2017. The testimonials below are the pupils own words and we would like to thank them for their kind support.

Katie Part - Newbury 167Katie Part - Newbury

"Thank you so much to Peter for getting me through first time, would recommend his excellent teaching to anyone!"
Danielle Newton - NewburyDanielle Newton - Newbury

"Passed first time within 3 months. Absolutely amazing teaching, would recommend to anyone!"
Dulcie Sen - NewburyDulcie Sen - Newbury

"I previously had automatic lessons with another driving school, which left me with low confidence, then a friend suggested I switch to Peter Skelton Driving School, and I'm so glad they did. I'm thrilled to have passed my test on my first attempt and it's all thanks to Tomasz' excellent tuition! Tomasz is very patient and supportive, and he explains things clearly. He helped build my confidence and I've really enjoyed learning to drive with him. Five stars!"
Savina Sangha - NewburySavina Sangha - Newbury

"My instructor, Louise was superb - patient, friendly and knowledgeable. I really enjoyed driving starting with my very first lesson. I would highly recommend her- thank you for everything!"
Chloe Ford  - NewburyChloe Ford - Newbury

"Passed my driving test yesterday with only 3 minors! Frances was an amazing instructor, very supportive and always believed I would do it! Thank you for your help Frances!!"
Michael Van Der Zwaluw - NewburyMichael Van Der Zwaluw - Newbury

"I had Peter as my instructor, and I honestly couldn't have had a better instructor anywhere in the country! He's the most patient and clear instructor you'll ever have! I'd truly recommend him to anyone else wanting to drive!"
Angela Patrone - NewburyAngela Patrone - Newbury

"I cannot recommend Peter Skelton Driving School enough! Peter is an excellent driving instructor whose friendly and is such an easy person to get along with. He taught me everything I needed to know whilst making the lessons really enjoyable. I now feel confident to drive on my own and it was an honour to have you as my driving instructor. Thank you so much!"
Faye Lesley - NewburyFaye Lesley - Newbury

"I have had 6 instructors in all (not because I'm difficult, just have moved all over the place!) And Peter was the last instructor I had, and hands down, the best. He has the perfect rate of teaching actively and teaching at the roadside (minimal) which I had found was overdone with some other instructors. He will let you learn for yourself, adapt to your style, and will help you perfect it all for when it matters! I put it down to Peter entirely that in a family full of second time passers I managed to pass first time, and would recommend him to absolutely anyone..... plus he's a joy to drive around with! He also managed to accommodate my crazy schedule and general unavailability and that's a feat in itself ...."
Aaron Nesbeth - NewburyAaron Nesbeth - Newbury

"Peter skeltons driving school was absolutely superb, really enjoyed my experience and would highly recommend it to anyone who is learning to drive! My instructor Peter was very good, he was very calm even when I made many mistakes and has a pretty mad record of getting people to pass first time, thank you Peter for all your help!"
Valentina Albanese - NewburyValentina Albanese - Newbury

"My first lesson with Peter was brilliant! He managed to adapt his teaching style to suit my needs perfectly!"
Martika Chown - NewburyMartika Chown - Newbury

"Highly recommend Peter Skelton Driving School!"
Leanne Bygrave - NewburyLeanne Bygrave - Newbury

"I passed my test today with Tomasz as my instructor! I can’t recommend him enough. He was always patient and a great teacher, particularly when explaining manoeuvres. I’m now able to drive with confidence. Thank you so much!"
Louisa Bradshaw - NewburyLouisa Bradshaw - Newbury

"After just 15 hours of lessons, I passed my test first time with Louise yesterday! Many thanks to her for teaching me so brilliantly and professionally. Her teaching style was second to none and understanding as well as lovely, and her reliable and calm manner kept me at ease all the time. Massive thank you once again!"
Lilia Stobbs - NewburyLilia Stobbs - Newbury

"I highly recommend it. They are experienced, committed and professional. My instructor, Frances, was truly amazing! I wouldn’t have made it without her especially on test day. I was so nervous that my legs were literally shaking but she managed to reassure me and give me the confidence I needed that day. She is not only professional and excellent at what she does but most of all she has your best interest at heart and I could see that she truly cares."
Hulya Akturk - NewburyHulya Akturk - Newbury

"Tomasz is a great teacher, calm and patient. Very organised and really skilled in teaching! I was very happy to have such a good teacher. Well, passed my automatic tests with no minors thanks to him! Can't thank enough for all the time and effort. Thanks!"
James Esling - NewburyJames Esling - Newbury

"I failed my first two tests under my first instructor as I simply wasn’t prepared. With peter’s teaching I felt so much more confident when it came around to my test and passed no problem. I highly recommend you use peter Skelton driving school so that you can feel confident going into your first test"
Daniela Delcea - NewburyDaniela Delcea - Newbury

"I like my driving lessons with my instructor Louise. She’s very nice, friendly and patient, as all the Peter Skelton Driving School staff. At the first lesson I was a bit anxious as I have not driven too much before, and when I was driving before it was on the right hand side. After having just a short chat with Louise I started to feel more comfortable and confident. Thank you Louise!! I don’t regret my choice, actually I love it:)"
Joe Bell - NewburyJoe Bell - Newbury

"I'm really glad I chose Peter Skelton Driving School. My instructor Frances was easy going and kept me calm whilst at the wheel which greatly helped me in my test. Cant thank you enough for helping me pass."
Stephanie Folly - NewburyStephanie Folly - Newbury

"I had a great time learning with Ray sadly he's retiring, what a life changer being able to drive!! thanks X"
Dan West - NewburyDan West - Newbury

First lesson- "I’ve just had my first driving lesson with Peter. I felt relaxed as he thoroughly explained the first manoeuvres and built my confidence. Dan"
After passing- Thank you for all the teaching and support in learning to drive. Couldn’t have done it without all your help 🙂
Megan Ward - Newbury

"I had Tomasz as my driving instructor and he was brilliant! Really enjoyed learning with him , very patient and listened to anything I was struggling with and helped me to go through it and perfect it how ever it worked for me. I passed today and couldn't be happier ! I would recommend Tomasz 100% and Peter Skelton without a doubt great experience."
Matthew Everett - Newbury

"Louise was so calm and collected I would recommend her to anybody wanting to learn originally I was with red but changed and it was the best decision I had ever made thank you very much I passed and I was really chuffed"
Esha Shuklar - Newbury

"My instructor Frances. She is a amazing person and I passed.my test today because of all her help. I highly recommend Peter Skelton driving school and specially Frances"
Beth Descroche - Newbury

"Thank you for my first lesson yesterday, it went really well and I learnt so much. Looking forward to my future lessons and am in no doubt I’ll be driving in no time!!"
Vijdan Wasta - Newbury

"I am glad to have passed the driving test with flying colours..well done Tomasz for being on instructor and you are a great guidance. He is a motivator of a different kind. He helps you get your goals and does wonders to your confidence. He will let you know when you are ready to pass the test and his anticipation is well timed and brilliant. Vijdan Wasta."
Ellen Catchpole - Newbury

First lesson- "Thank you so much to Louise Hicks! Would thoroughly recommend Peter Skelton driving school!!"
After passing- "Thank you so much to Louise Hicks. Her calm and collected approach really worked with me. I can’t believe I can drive!! Would thoroughly recommend Peter Skelton driving school!"
Andrea Sarany - Newbury

First Lesson - "On my first driving lesson I felt very excited but Peter was very calm and very kind to me.He is very friendly, patient and he has a good sense of humor. after a short time I started to calm down. He explains the things very very excellent! I’m so glad that he is my instructor ! I can’t wait the next lesson."
After Passing - "Peter, I am so glad that you were my instructor!
I appreciate the hard job, for teaching me, I know that you got grey hair because of me, because I haven’t checked the mirrors every time. I promise I will, I will concentrate!! Thank you so much for your patience even though it was a bit hard for me in the beginning. (gear changes haahaaa)
I enjoyed every minute, we laughed a lot and the lessons were fun! I wish you all best, and I will never forget you, pls text me if you survive my 70% vodka. Let me know when you would like to visit Transylvania, I will gladly help you out with anything.
I feel sad, that we won’t meet from now on but I feel happy because I met you. Thank you for helping me to pass a really important step in my life. I appreciate your job, keep up!
Köszönöm Péter"
Update - "Hi Peter! Just a small update: I am driving now from my own since a week, and I feel very confident. At the beginning it was wierd that you weren’t by my side but now I got used to it! i have to tell you that i am so glad that you taught me that way to use clutch control and biting point because now i don’t feel any difference between petrol and diesel car! I feel very good, confident and relaxed. I’m not competitive and I always stick to your golden rules. I am so glad and proud that you’ve been my instructor and helped me pass this big step in my life. I tell everybody how fabulous you are. And i recommend you for everybody. Hope to see you soon and thanks to you I LOVE DRIVING"
Patty Sanrak - Newbury

"I’d like to thank both Tomasz and Ray for their patience, for being such great instructors and for making the learning process a pleasant experience. Without them, I don’t think I would have passed in the first time test. Many thanks, Patty"
Frederick Lyon - Newbury

"A massive thank you to Louise for teaching me how to drive these past couple of months. Her patience and kindness were second to none, and her teaching style was calm and composed throughout. Not only does she know her stuff, she is a wonderful person as well, and I had a great time getting to know her! She's the best!"
Joshua Cromwell - Newbury

"I just want to say a massive thank you to Peter for seeing me through all of my lessons and a massive thank you for helping me pass my test, would never of done it without you!"