Pupil Reviews 2016

Below are some of our many testimonials from pupils who took driving lessons and passed their driving tests in 2016. The testimonials below are the pupils own words and we would like to thank them for their kind support.

Darren Player - Newbury

"I cannot thank Louise enough, I called on such short notice as my test was cancelled in Reading and needed help straight away. Louise helped me get used to the roads in Newbury in just 2 hours, she was a fantastic instructor. Its a shame i can only give her 5 stars."
Mike Elkins - Southampton
Instructor Training

"Hi Peter, Just thought I’d drop you an email about my Part 3 exam last week. As you know I was successful at my second attempt and I’m absolutely thrilled to be joining the ranks of ADI. I found out that the current success rate of Part 3 is only 12.5%!! Overall the examiner was very complimentary and for some reason was surprised that I hadn’t been working as a PDI on a training licence. I put that down to your training, it clearly stuck .
All I can say is a huge thank you for all your help and support over the last few months and getting me through the Part 2 and Part 3 exams. I’ve worked really because I was determined not to fail on my second attempt. In hindsight I probably went for the test too soon after our training in September. I should have spent more time practicing what you had taught me. But, I’m qualified now and that’s all that matters.
Ellena Burnard - Newbury

"Thankyou 🙂 Louise is a great instructor and reccomend her to anyone thinking about learning to drive. I really appreciated her patience with me."
Aleksey Storchak - Newbury

"I just had my first ever driving lesson and can’t be more happy. I have been looking forward to it for years, it didn’t disappoint! My sister also learnt to drive with Peter, so I knew that I was in great hands."
Daleep Sidhu - Newbury

"Highly recommend! My instructor Louise couldn't have been more positive and supportive and took me on a variety of routes across Newbury and Thatcham. I would also like to thank Ray who i only had a couple of lessons with before my test and was brilliant on the day of the test, agreeing to sit in the back of the car during my test to calm my nerves down!"
Luisa Swann - Newbury

"Passed my test first time with Peter. He was very patient and supportive the whole time which made me feel very comfortable whilst driving. Thank you so much! Highly recommend him to anyone who’s learning to drive!"
Bethany Holmes - Newbury

"I would highly recommend Peter Skelton , My instructor Louise was Amazing and taught me alot 🙂 "
Nick Canes - Newbury

"After just 20 hours of lessons with Peter, today I went and passed my test with only two minors! I thoroughly recommend the Peter Skelton Driving School. Not only did he teach me everything I needed to know, we did it whilst be able to have a laugh and chat at the same time. Peter is an extremely self-motivated man who strives for you to succeed, and pushes you to do so. Thank you!"
Wanida Curry - Newbury

"I’m so happy. I can’t thank Louise enough for being so patient and an excellent instructor for me. I have already spread the word to my friends. She’s brilliant."
John Descroche - Newbury

"Really good, patient and understanding, he got me passed with only 2 minors. Try beat only 2"
Beth Williams-Moss - Newbury

"I am feeling much more confident and comfortable after my first lesson with Peter. I can’t wait to learn more!"
Katie Mildenhall - Newbury

"After putting off driving for 3 years, I finally booked lessons with Peter Skelton and I'm very happy I done so but wish I had sooner! I was nervous to start lessons as I have no experience with driving however Peter has made me feel comfortable and confident! I now look forward to my lesson every week! Peter also taught my dad and a number of my siblings who all passed quickly! Will definitely recommended to anyone looking to start driving."
Izzy James- Newbury

First Lesson"Thank you:) I’m looking forward to the upcoming lessons!"
After passing- "Thank you to Peter for teaching me to drive, I don’t think I would have learned to drive or passed so soon with another instructor. I would definitely recommend to anyone learning to drive, great instructor and thorough teaching, thank you so much!"
Cait Prendergast - Newbury

"Had a great first few lessons. Did a lot more than i expected too. Very patient teaching and looking forward to the rest of my lessons!"
Zara Ryan - Newbury

"Driving didn’t exactly come naturally to me but Mr Skelton persevered extremely patiently, making passing first time surprisingly achievable. Plus, lessons were always super fun!! I am so glad I learned with Peter and would advise anyone looking for lessons to ‘Put your seat belt on, and learn with Peter Skelton’ (still think this should be the official slogan…) Thanks again Peter, you’re the best!"
Calina Postolache - Newbury

"Can’t believe I passed! Peter is a great instructor, the lessons are fun and he is the calmest most patient person! I’m definitely gonna miss homie and the lessons!"
Luke Hanratty - Newbury

"A massive thank-you to Peter for helping me pass 1st time! Peter's approach to teaching is great; it really helped to build my confidence as well as my competence. Seriously can't recommend him enough, thanks again mate!"
Samantha Hines - Newbury

"So far so good already picking a date for my practical, having a date to work towards is brilliant."
Diana Lupescu - Newbury

"Was an amazing experience! Im so greateful that from all the driving schools i chose, you where the first to pick up. You’re indeed a teacher, Peter, so patient, easy going, putting up with my bad english and my goldfish attention span. All in all , a PROFESSIONAL! Passed on my first and that was all your hard work, honestly. Thank you, thank you, thank you !"
Kerrie Walker - Newbury

"Having had a less than constructive experience with another driving school, Peter Skelton was recommended to me by several colleagues who had successfully learnt with him. He made me feel at ease from my first lesson and I never thought I’d be able to pass first time which is testament to Peter's teaching style, patience and great sense of humour...even through my (occasional) tears and (not so occasional) nervous swearing! So huge thanks to you and Ray who took me to test. I’d definitely recommend the Peter Skelton Driving School to anyone who’s looking to learn or refresh their driving skills."
Anna Gildersleeves - Newbury

"Very thorough and patient tuition. You are not only taught to pass the test but are also given tips for day to day driving. I could always get lessons when I wanted them and am very grateful that I chose to learn with this company!"
Johnny Bhatt - Newbury

"I had a great first lesson and got a lot more done than i had expected, Peter is an great instructor and teaches you exactly how you wish to be taught and pushes you as hard as you need to be. I am very glad that I chose to learn with Peter Skelton Driving School!"
Emily Light - Newbury

"I cannot recommend Peter Skelton Driving School highly enough! Peter is an excellent instructor whose friendly and constructive teaching style makes lessons enjoyable and effective. He is incredibly professional yet easy going and importantly tailors the lesson to your individual learning style, making learning to drive much easier. Thank you Peter for helping me to pass my test!"
Jack Light - Newbury

"I had a Great first lesson with Peter Skelton …I have Learned a lot already just in one lesson….I didn’t have much confidence in myself but afterwards I felt more confident in my ability and can’t wait to drive again."
Rommel Piedra - Newbury

First Lesson- "I had my firt driving lessons with Peter and I enjoyed it because he is really well teacher he has a lot of patient."
After Passing- "Thank you so much to Peter Skelton. he is fantastic instructors i really enjoyed learning to driving with him . he was patient with me from beganing till the end of my driving lesson so i really throughly recommended to them to go peter skelton driving school."