Pupil Reviews 2015

Below are some of our many testimonials from pupils who took driving lessons and passed their driving tests in 2015. The testimonials below are the pupils own words and we would like to thank them for their kind support.

Jodie Nutley - Newbury
Manual - Pass Plus

"After passing my driving test with Peter in August 2015, and recently completing my pass plus – saving me money on my insurance. I would like to thank Peter, for his patience and thorough teaching style. I really recommend his wonderful service!!"
Renata Watkin - Newbury

"Thanks Peter for your patience and hard work. Absolutely amazed. . I can’t thank you enough. . It was a long journey but you got me through it… cheers Peter"
Manoj Jose - Newbury

"Learning to drive with Peter Skelton Driving School exceeded my expectations. I chose them originally because of their pass rate and reputation. My driving instructor was Frances and she was a fantastic instructor. The way she taught was brilliant. She uses effective ways of teaching which made things easier for me. This enabled me to pass my driving test first time. Thank-you so much!!!"
Maddie Easter - Newbury

"Thank you so much for all your help in getting me through my test. Louise, my instructor was amazing so calm and lovely. I cannot thank her enough, would so recommend Peter Skelton driving school and Louise – all fab, thanks so much will tell all my friends. Please can you pass on an extra big thank you to Louise my instructor she was fabulous, so kind and calm throughout the whole time. I cannot recommend both your driving school and Louise highly enough, you all made me feel so relaxed and I am so grateful for fitting me in at such short notice."
Alex Fowler - Newbury

"I started learning to drive back in December 2014, My teacher Ray was patient, calm and excellent and getting me to a level where i was confident and able to pass the test. He also threw in some excellent and not so excellent jokes…thanks Ray, you’re a legend! Ray was an absolute super hero, got me from not knowing anything about cars and how to drive them to passing my test on the first attempt in three and a half months...Thanks a lot Ray!"
Razvan Girlea - Newbury

"Finally i get to the point were i can offer a review for Peter Skelton as instructor. I haven’t ever drive in my life so i was scared as a child doing first steps without help, but with Peter on the passenger seat as an instructor everything felt as normal. I still have a long way to my drive test but so far i have passed my theory and instead learning as a parrot all the theory he helped me understanding it in practice. He is a brilliant teacher and gives you the all confidence in the world and same times knows how to make a point when you do a mistake but on calm/strong tone without putting you on a bad light. I doubt i could’ve find a better choice out there and thank you Peter Skelton Driving School for having me as learner!!!!!"
Martina Elizova - Newbury

"I would like to send a big thank you to my teacher, Frances, who managed to prepare me for my test so well that I passed for the first time. Thank you for your patience, I know it was not fun with a nervous driver like me:)Thank you for teaching me, Frances, it was great to be your pupil:)"
Mario Jones - Newbury

"Ladies and gentlemen, Peter Skelton has proven himself a worthy mentor to teach me the ways of the road. With his calm nature and unique sense of humour to go with his serious professionalism, Peter kept me focused and hard-working through both good drives and bad drives. As a result of his intelligent ways of engaging a student, I have successfully passed my test. So if you require an inspirational tutor who is more than capable of getting the facts into you in a stress-free manner, Peter is your man. Go Team Peter."
Mike Watch - Newbury

"First lesson- Just wanted to say thanks for the access to the theory test software - I passed the test yesterday with 48 out of 50 on the multiple choice and 71 out of 75 points on the hazard perception so very happy :). The software was a great help and I spent nearly all of my spare time practicing on it. Lessons are coming along superbly and Louise has been a huge help - I am really enjoying myself. Looking forward to my practical test now, cheers, Mike.
After passing- Many thanks guys, Louise was superb and really helpful I could not be happier with all the help I got and over the moon I passed. Louise is a superb instructor and really helped me a lot. I have already been recommending you guys to everyone :). Thanks again."
Johnnie Hayes - Newbury

"Thank you both Peter and Ray very much. I really enjoyed the lessons and the chat. Peter, I hope your empire continues to grow and your statistics to rise!"
Ewelina Pajak - Newbury

"I’m glad I chose Peter Skelton Driving School. Despite being a nervous learner, Peter made my first lesson very positive and calm. He has been very informative and knowledgeable. Showing practical ways of learning mixed with theory helped me gain confidence so I could start my driving experience very quickly. I may definitely recommend learning with Peter! Looking forward to the next lesson"
James Murrell - Newbury

"First lesson- I had a great time at the lesson and can’t wait for the next one! Thanks Peter, I had a really great time and Frances is an excellent instructor!
After passing- Woop woop, thanks for everything! Would recommend Frances to anyone. She's a babe."
Jessie Reddin - Newbury

"First lesson- Just had my first lesson last week and was really pleased with how it went! I was quite nervous beforehand as I had very little previous knowledge about cars/driving but Peter was very calm and patient, which definitely helped to put me at ease. Thank you for a great first lesson and I am looking forward to my next one and making more progress!
After passing- I found driving a daunting prospect but Peter was incredibly calm and patient with me, which made learning much easier. His teaching style is great because it’s straightforward and very easy to get along with; I would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to learn how to drive. I passed my test first time with peter skelton driving school and I can't believe it. Thanks again for all of your help!"
Duncan Sugden - Newbury

"Thanks again to Peter and Louise, I had a really good experience from start to finish. Louise was cool calm and calculated and was able to adapt various explanations and techniques to get the desired result from a situation – I would recommend Louise to any one! Thanks guys, it was a pleasure."
Nok Rowan - Newbury

"My sister passed a few years ago with Peter and when I wanted to drive we knew where to go. Brilliant is not enough excellent would not even come close. They are just fantastic and professional and I learned to relax and became more confident for my test which I passed. I’m so pleased, a very happy customer, Thanks Ray for all your help, Nok"
Betul Eroglu - Newbury

"I was so nervous. My instructor Peter is very patient. Thank you all your help. Betty."
Hannah Short - Newbury

"I want to say a massive thank you to Frances O’ Hagan for making me an amazing driver with lots of hard work! So happy I’ve passed my driving test, so thanks for helping me every step of the way."
Amy Flynn - Newbury

" First lesson - Great first lesson, was good to get driving so quickly! Good value too.

After passing - So happy to have finally passed, enjoying the freedom! Thanks again to Peter Skelton."
Adam West - Newbury

"First lesson- Really enjoyed my first lesson on Friday and felt I made really good progress! Challenging at points but a really good introduction to driving! Can’t wait for my next lesson! Thanks.
After passing- Thanks for all your help Peter! You have been an amazingly patient teacher and I am so pleased with my result! Thank you for everything!"
Jamie Meads - Newbury

"First lesson- Back learning after a long lay off, enjoyed my first lesson looking forward to the next until ready for test standard. Thank you Peter.
After passing- Thank you peter really appreciated your time and help."
Angus Shepherd - Newbury

"Absolutely fantastic teaching from peter, I thoroughly recommend him, thank you very much."
Sarah Hawthorne -Newbury

"Thank you ray for the fun filled lessons I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of them."
Selina Jones - Newbury

"I can't believe I actually did it, thank you peter for helping me and for everything! Thank you so much for all of the hard work and great banter in my driving lessons! I cant believe I’ve passed! Will definitely be recommending the Peter Skelton Driving School to EVERYONE! Thanks again!"
George Jackson -Newbury

"Thanks Peter for helping me pass! Really great teaching and a good few months, cheers."
Josh Waters - Newbury

"I thoroughly enjoyed learning with Peter Skelton and would definitely recommend the school to anyone thinking about learning to drive!"