Pupil Reviews 2014

Below are some of our many testimonials from pupils who took driving lessons and passed their driving tests in 2014. The testimonials below are the pupils own words and we would like to thank them for their kind support.

Jenny Dickson - Newbury

"First lesson- Thanks Peter! I am feeling more confident and excited to learn more.
After passing- Had a successful run of learning to drive! Been great now I have passed and feel very safe driving around. Thanks Peter for the lessons and for all your help!"
Angus Oliver - Newbury

"Ray is BIG DOG. Couldn’t have done it without him."
David Beynon - Newbury

"Thanks Peter for your perseverance. I had a lot of fun learning to drive and will definitely be recommending you to all my friends! Hope to see you soon for some Pass Plus lessons."
Maddy Weeks - Newbury

"First Lesson- I was very nervous about starting driving again after a long break and had low confidence after failing two tests a few years ago. But Peter’s teaching has put me at ease and after just a few lessons I can feel my confidence gradually building up on the road. Thanks Peter.
After passing- Thank you so much Peter, after giving up on driving years ago I didn’t think the day I passed my test would be possible. Great instruction, and very patient. It’s great to finally have my independence! Will be seeing you soon for Pass Plus."
Rosanna Woodhouse - Newbury

"Thank you, Ray's a great instructor! I am so happy to have passed my driving test. Ray Cox was the best driving instructor I had by far. He was my instructor for only a few months, but in that time managed to get my confidence up. Its all down to him that I passed my test! Thank you so much for the patience, laughs and optimism you had in me I couldn’t have passed without you Ray!"
Daniel Sparkes - Newbury

"Thank you Ray for being very patient with me. Ray Cox is an excellent trainer and a pleasure to drive with. I will recommend him to anyone I know who needs to learn. Due to his very easy going nature and rigorous and extensive training methods I was able to pass first time. Thank you again, Danny Sparkes"
Barnaby Omar - Newbury

"A huge thank you to Peter, without whom I would have had no chance of passing my test first time!!"
Becki Hutt - Newbury

"Thank you peter for everything. I’m over the moon I passed today and beat my horrendous nerves. Failing 5 times with a previous driving school and a 6 year gap, I needed an instructer to give a quality service with attention to detail. With peter your pay for what you get and it is exactly that!!!"
Tom Prendergast - Newbury

"Thank you so much Peter for all the help (and patience!). I really enjoyed all the lessons and found them very good value for money. Through you I was able to quickly build up my skills and confidence, and ultimately pass first time!"
Lorna Pilmore - Newbury

"Couldn’t have had a better instructor. So patient. Thank you for everything Peter."
Kelly-Marie Looker - Newbury

"I would like to express my thanks to Peter for all his patience and hard work over the past few weeks/months. Peter is a brilliant driving instructor who will no doubt help anyone successfully pass their driving test like he did with me. I would certainly recommend Peter as a driving instructor if you want to achieve a “driving test pass certificate” Thank you Peter, looking forward to beginning my Pass Plus with you, many thanks Kelly."
Emma Thomas - Newbury

"First lesson- Thanks for my lesson. Was very nervous and didn’t understand much about how a car worked but Peter quickly brought me up to speed and I managed to get a lot of driving into my first lesson. I now feel a lot more confident about my abilities and hopefully can make some good progress as time goes on.
After passing- Thanks Peter for all your help and for being a great teacher. Never thought I'd be able to do it!"
Jamie Amor - Thatcham

"I learnt to drive with peter and he helped me pass first time and gave me a lot of confidence I am already driving company work vehicles and I am looking to move to a class 2 lorry."
Charlotte Osbourne - Newbury
Refresher Lessons

"After being involved in a car crash in 2012 I finally was able to drive again after two years! Choosing Peter for refresher lessons was the best decision I made. Peter made me feel very safe, and very comfortable in my road surroundings. I no longer feel nervous on the road or in my new adapted car. I highly recommend Peter for new, old & nervous drivers... Thank you so much for all your patience."
Nick Holmes - Hungerford

I would like to so say a big thank you to Peter for providing me with great lessons that led to me passing first time!
Peter is a brilliant instructor, very patient and calm. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is looking to start their driving lessons."
Tess Delavin - Newbury

"Thank you for all your help, dedication and patience to me during our driving lessons...I was always scared of driving but you are so good at teaching me and making me feel comfortable driving. All you have taught me paid off when I pass the driving test first time, and that's really something to me. Thank you so much Mr. Ray Cox for helping me gain my Independence and freedom."
Kate Markova - Newbury
"I would like to thank Peter Skelton’s school and especially my instructor Ray for giving me great lessons. I have passed the first time and I am so happy! Ray is a great instructor, very knowledgeable and patient, he made me very comfortable, though I was really afraid of driving and now I am loving it! I didn’t have my own car to practice and I have never driven until I was 28, but Ray helped me to learn everything from scratch and pass the test within a few months. Now every time I drive I think what Ray would do, I am very grateful for the lessons! Thank you"
Ocean Sparks - Newbury

"Ray was very kind and patient with me. He made my lessons very comfortable and not too nerve-racking or daunting! I now drive quite a lot and feel like I was taught not just for the test but for real-life situations. I want to thank Ray so much for all of his help."
Emily Sinfield - Newbury

"Thank you so much for my driving lessons, they were great! I’m so glad i passed! I was really nervous about learning to drive but you made my lessons enjoyable and driving less scary! I’m enjoying driving so much now! Thank you Peter!"
Charlotte Keech - Newbury

"Hi. I have just passed my driving test all thanks to Peter. I'm so happy to have passed first time with only 2 minor marks. I'm definitely gonna do my Pass Plus just so I can hear his soothing voice again."
Issy Simpson - Newbury

"Thank you for being such a great instructor Peter!!! So happy I passed first time and now I am enjoying driving a lot since I passed"
Elliot Barr-Macallan - Newbury

"I have just passed my driving test. It has taken me 6 YEARS so far, I'm 24 and I have had about 7 or 8 instructors over the years and Ray is definitely the best one. He's been great, easy to talk to, very relaxed and I have had fun as well which is really important"
Justin Scher-Smith - Newbury

"Thanks again to Peter Skelton for being an excellent teacher and for putting up with me highly recommended Peter. Great teacher, he wasn't pushy and was very calm. Great taste in music as well"
Jo Karasinski - Newbury

"Thanks Peter, you did a fantastic job! Can't sing your praises enough! Just drove myself to Tesco's some might find that a bit sad for a first trip out!! But for me strangely exciting! Lol thanks again, now I can be safe and home quickly after a late night at work x"
Katy Cue - Newbury

"Thank you Peter, couldn't have done it without you! Will recommend u to all my friends. U've been fantastically patient. Big thank you, Petey Pops!!!"
Fran Thomas - Newbury

"So happy to have passed my driving test first time with Peter Skelton Driving School. I was incredibly nervous, but all went well! Had to tackle the reverse around the corner, but managed to pass with 3 minors. Could not be happier, thank you!"
Robyn McMillan - Newbury

"Thank you so much Peter for being such a great instructor and for helping me pass first time! I’m so glad that my friend recommended you to me because it’s been a pleasure.
Thanks again! :)"
Stacey MacDonald - Abingdon

"Thank you so much Peter with helping me pass my driving test with "No" minor marks. At times I felt like a nervous wreck but you helped to calm some of them nerves and made me realise that nerves are good sometimes lol You have also taught me very valuable driving techniques that I will remember forever. Brilliant driving instructor!! I will recommend you to anyone I meet who wants to learn to drive."
Ben Gomm - Thatcham

"Hardwork and excellent teaching left me confident for test day and my success was testimony to that; I couldn’t have asked for a better result!."
Shiju Palamthodi - Newbury

"I have really enjoyed my driving lessons with Peter, He has taught me everything I should be aware and helped to me overcome my faults. I would recommend Peter to anyone. Thank you so much Peter.
Ethel Nzombe - Thatcham

"If you think you are hopeless at driving a HIGHLY RECOMMEND you call Peter and book some lessons!!!!! I had driving lessons before with 2 different instructors, one taught me bad driving habits and the other was unreliable so when I met Peter I was quite discouraged an super nervous about even managing to move a car. I passed first time with only one minor.

Really pleased with Peter’s teaching, through, everything is explained until you get it and no wasting time, no messing about !! This was really good because I felt like my previous instructors were sometimes not pushing me hard enough because the more mistakes I made the more lessons I booked so they would get more money. But none of that with Peter, he pushed me to get things right first time round and explained to me what I got wrong and why so l don’t keep making the same mistakes. And if you look at the gear stick you will get pen lines drawn on you hand!

I booked my lessons in blocks. Very good value for money, especially as I was quite terrible at driving when we started! He literally had to re-teach me everything and remove my terrible driving habits I had been taught before by others! Thank you again Peter x!!!"