Pupil Reviews 2013

Below are some of our many testimonials from pupils who took driving lessons and passed their driving tests in 2013. The testimonials below are the pupils own words and we would like to thank them for their kind support.

Robyn Bigglestone - Thatcham

"Hours putting my face on HAH rolled out of bed more like. Yes this photo is not one of my finest. Thank you for teaching me, you were very patient very very patient lol. I had no more lessons that what was needed and always felt fully prepared when going for my test. When I had Ray for the 1 day you were on holiday I did feel a bit worried having someone new but he was lovely too and we soon got chatting which made me feel at ease. He would tell me what I was doing wrong when driving which was exactly the same as what you would say so I knew I was being advised correctly, not that there was any doubt in my mind. Overall I would deffo recommend both of you guys for any new drivers to start learning, especially if you were a nervous wreck like me!!! Thanks again xxx."
Georgie Lillington - Newbury

"Thanks for the great overall driving experience, really enjoyed myself and feel very confident driving now. I would recommend to everyone. Shame about the awful video I made!!"
Fran Wiseman - Newbury

"I would like to a say a BIG Thank You to Peter for teaching me to drive. Peter transformed me from a nervous beginner to confident driver in just three months. I passed my test first time which I attribute to his exceptional teaching skills and easy to follow techniques. Peter was very patient but also knew when to push me to get me over my fear of busy roundabouts! If I made a mistake, Peter could always explain to me why, and gave simple, clear explanations to rectify the mistake. Peter is easy to get along with and have a laugh, which is important when learning to drive as it makes the experience enjoyable. I would recommend Peter to anyone who is thinking about learning to drive."
Jo Hunt - Newbury

"Thanks Peter for getting me to pass first time. You helped me build on my skills I learnt from a previous instructor and made me SLOW things down so I could put the car exactly where I wanted in my manoeuvres! Fast hands slow feet."
Sabrina Banning - Coldash

"I had gone through several instructors prior to Peter and it had got to the point where I felt that I would never past my test, and I felt like giving up. Then I found Peter, and instantly I clicked with him. My particular fear was roundabouts and within 2-3 lessons he had me tackling them with ease. I would just like to say a massive thank you, Peter, as without your help and patience I would never have been able to pass my test! I would happily recommend Peter to anyone looking for an understanding, kind and patient driving instructor that delivers superb results!"
Lauren Prizeman - Newbury

"Amazing driving school which managed to put up with me even though I’m a pain and help me pass, thanks again!."
Claire Dawes - Newbury

"Just want to say a massive thank you to Peter for getting me through my test first time! I started with some bad habits and lacked confidence but his way of teaching changed that and now I’m fairly certain I can bay park without panicking! Driving is a daunting prospect but his patient manner put me at ease so thanks again!"
Lauren Piper - Andover

"Peter was a brilliant driving instructor, I found his style of teaching very relaxed! Chuffed about passing, still hasn’t sunk in."
Charlie Peat - Thatcham

"Peter is by far the best driving instructor I have had (having had two others before). By the time I passed my test I was a very confident yet very safe driver who is now able to tackle the roads of the UK with relative ease and certainty!
Thanks Peter!!"
Hannah James - Newbury

"I’m so pleased I decided to go with Peter Skelton for my driving lessons. He pushed me but it was good because I was able to grasp the basics easily. So pleased I passed first time."
Freddie Barnes - Newbury

"Hello Peter
Paul and I just wanted to express our appreciation for all the way in which you taught Freddy to drive. He so appreciated your straightforward, easy and calm manner and is delighted to have passed his test today, thank you so very much, we are all delighted!
Very best wishes
Patricia and Paul Barnes."
Naomi Doran - Newbury

"Would like to say a massive thank you to Peter! After changing to Peter’s driving school I can easily say I feel privileged to have experienced Peter’s teaching - he’s by far the best instructor out there and would thoroughly recommend him to anyone. The methods Peter teaches are simple and memorable which makes your driving experience a whole lot easier! Thanks Peter for enabling me to feel safe and confident on the roads.
Naomi x."
Liv Skarin-Smith - Newbury

"It’s not simply enough to say that Peter is an amazing driving instructor! His no nonsense methods soon made me feel comfortable at the wheel of a car and I became a confident driver in a very short space of time. He was patient even when I got stressed or got into a panic! The things Peter said were always really memorable and some of them I will never forget even if I wanted to! “Right, right, left” “main, main, all” and most importantly “the bend is not your friend!” The difference between Peter and a lot of other driving schools is that he really does want you to pass in the quickest time possible whilst still passing as the safest driver you can be! I would recommend Peter to anyone who is looking for a friendly instructor to make you a confident and safe driver!."
Nicole Silvester - Newbury
Pass Plus

"Was glad to find you did pass plus! Found it very beneficial, especially the night driving as this was something I wasn't very confident about doing. By completing pass plus, I feel much more confident as a driver, and found its definitely worth it in terms of experience and on the insurance! Thanks again Peter."
Annie Magee - Newbury
Refresher lessons

"Thanks so much Peter for the 3 refresher lessons after a year out of driving! I feel so much more confident having gone over all the basics as well as driving on a variety of road types with you including the motorways!
Since finishing my refresher lessons, I have remembered your tips and now I never look at the gear stick when changing gear- I am a much safer driver!
Thanks again, Annie."
Millie Popplewell - Newbury

"Thank you so much Peter for all your help. its been great learning from you and I really enjoyed our lessons, almost sad I passed."
Nicole Silvester - Newbury

"So happy to have passed first time! Thank you so much Peter, had fun on every lesson and am definitely going to miss it. Will definitely look out for your car when I’m driving around! Glad I stopped looking at the gear stick after only a few lessons – definitely don’t do it now 🙂 thanks Peter!."
Emily Meaney - Lambourn

"Woo!! Thanks for putting up with me Pete! You’re a star!!."
Kim Slade - Tadley

"A BIG thank you to Peter for helping me pass my driving test. Would highly recommend him to anyone! I contacted peter at the end of May and my theory was due to run out the beginning of August. I passed on the 30th July. Never been so happy! Thank you!! X."
James Naylor - Newbury

"I have just passed my driving test today with 4 minor marks. Thanks to Peter Skelton, he's been a great help to me. I only did 22 hour of driving. He made feel relaxed in the car and really pushed me through quickly because I wanted to pass as quickly as possible. So I would like to say thank you again. Cheers. "
Heather Lewis - Newbury

"I was recommended by friends who had all learnt with Peter and passed first time and I also chose Peter Skelton Driving School because of all the great reviews. Learning to drive was extremely daunting at first, I couldn't believe that I was sat in the driver's seat rather than the passenger's seat. Once the foundations and basics of driving was set, all the manoeuvres and 'tricky stuff' seemed to build up naturally. I had a necessity to stare in the middle mirror when carrying out some of the manoeuvres so my instructor thought it would be funny to turn the mirror away so I couldn't see it anymore - it worked though! I would definitely recommend to all my friends because Peter brought fun into every single lesson as I was learning to drive. Whenever I made a mistake he would be able to tell me exactly why and where I went wrong so as my driving test approached I was making fewer and fewer mistakes."
Nancy Morgan - Thatcham

"It was easier to pick up the basics than I expected but it did take a long time to gain confidence, The teaching methods were quite pushy but in a good way, feared getting drawn on with a pen when I looked down at the gear stick 🙂 The teaching methods worked well as the most important things are drummed into you. I would recommend Peter Skelton Driving School to my friends and family as the teaching methods are excellent and a good understanding of how to drive safely is picked up quickly."
Maria Albanese - Thatcham

"I was recommended to Peter Skelton Driving School by my Brother, Leonardo, who learned to drive with you a couple of years earlier. I found that driving required a lot more concentration than I realised. The teaching methods were excellent, very thorough and definitely worked. I have already recommended Peter Skelton to my friends as an outstanding instructor by ensuring that they master all aspects of driving, enabling them to pass on their first attempt."